The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 10

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I hadn't slept; I had just sat on my bed trying to work things out. Annie was my mate. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Annie, the girl I had pushed away to the brink that she had come to the conclusion that she hated me. Well, I suppose it explained the slightly irrational jealousy. I wasn't sure that Rick and Annie were going to see it that way though. I groaned; it was just pure irony. My reasoning behind saying we couldn't be together were a) her dad would kill me, and b) I would break her heart when I found my mate. Okay, her dad was still probably a little bit hacked off but so much for breaking her heart when I found a mate. Mind you, she hadn't been jumping for joy after it had happened.

I think it might have been the visions that had freaked her out. Okay, so she might not have liked the future but neither had I. It had a child in it for Gods' sake. I hated children; always running about screaming. No, you could keep your grubby noses and tantrums to yourself, thanks. Jase was mad. A baby? In this house? They were going to have to move out or they'd never hear the end of it.

I had to admit, I was...glad that Annie was mine. It meant that no-one else could have her. It was possessive, I know, but knowing that Annie couldn't just leave made my heart race. It might take a while for me to get her trust back but I would just have to rope in Radleigh to help me.

I stood up. I was bored with thinking; it was making my head hurt. I walked over to the door and opened it. Everything was silent, it was that early. I would just go down to the kitchen, get some painkillers for my head and something to eat, and then just go back upstairs until everyone else woke up.

As I walked down the stairs, the front door opened, snow blowing in with the figure. I stiffened and looked at them, not making a sound. The person closed the door behind them, shook the snow off of their hood and then pulled it down.

Annie didn't see me as she walked towards the kitchen.

Where the hell had she been? It was...about 5.30, if I was to hazard a guess, and I knew full well that Annie could sleep for Britain given the chance. I jogged down the stairs, trying not to make too much noise. The tiles were freezing but I followed her into the kitchen without making a sound.

She had taken an apple out of the fruit bowl and was taking massive chunks out of it as she looked in the cupboards for a glass. I wanted to laugh; the cupboards were set almost too high for her to reach so she had to go on her tiptoes.

"I'll get you one, if you want," I said helpfully. Annie jumped and whipped around. Her face grew cloudy when she saw that it was me and I regretted saying anything at all.

"Why don't you just try and give me a heart attack?" she spat. She was shaking but I wasn't sure it was because she was cold or I had given her that big a fright. She was wearing that bloody parka, bloody being the operative word because she still hadn't done anything about the stain near her stomach.

"Do you want a glass or not?" I asked. I stepped forward and took one out with ease and passed it down to her. Instead of saying thank you like any other person, she scowled and muttered something about not needing any help. I shrugged.

"Why're you up so early?" she asked, heading over to the tap.

"I could ask you the same thing," I replied.

Touché, she thought but she didn't give anything away.

"I was just going for a walk," she said, turning back to me. She placed her apple down on the work top and took a long swig of her water. As she tilted her head up to swallow, I noticed the beginnings of faint, purple coloured bruised forming on her white neck.

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