Chapter 15: The Day After

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During the interrogation:

Chris pov:

"The old man.. I... Uhh.
I don't know how to describe him, I mean... "

"You said you thought he was stalking you first" the interviewer says.
"did anyone else in the group think that?" she keeps asking.

"well yeah" I say.

"is it possible that they could have killed him?" she ask.

"what? No... No you don't understand" I say and shake my head.

"if he attacked you" she says.

"he saved my life and I watched him die" I interrupt the interviewer.

Ashley pov:

"I heard Jessica... I don't know how or why she was down there, but I heard her" I say.

Emily pov:

"he held it right up to my face... Right here, right here" I say and point to my forehead where Mike had pointed the gun.
"right in front of my nose, he could have shot me! He could have shot me" I say.
"you go out with him for a while and you think you know him, but man this one really takes the cake" I say.

Matt pov:

" I was right there and I could have done something" I say.
"I tried to do something! But it wasn't good enough" I say.

Jessica pov:

"How did you end up in the mine?" the interviewer ask.

"I was... Carried and... Taken" I say.

"what did you see?" he ask.

"I don't know... I don't know" I say.

Mike pov:

" he's out of his fucking mind. He wanted to hurt us, and he..." I say and sigh.
"I thought he was the one who hurt Jess" I say.

Sam pov:

"I thought we were close. After his sister's dissappeared he would come to me and talk" I say.
"he said I was the only one who understood him, I thought... I thought we had a connection" I say

"If you need someone to talk to-" the interviewer says.

"I'm fine!" I say.

"sometimes after traumatic experience" he continues.

"I said I'm fine!" I say.

Ashley pov:

" I stabbed him and I tried to get away, but I swear I didn't know" I say.

"didn't know? Who did you stab?" the interviewer ask.

"I stabbed the maniac. I didn't know it was Josh and he was the psycho. How was I supposed to know that Josh is capable of doing this?" I say.

Jessica pov:

" your friend Ashley told us that she was trying to help you" the interviewer says.

I shake my head "no" I say.

"She said she heard you calling out" he says.

I shake my head again.
"no.... Not me" I say.
"Mike..." I say

"what do you remember?" the interviewer ask.

"he came for me" I say.
"where is he? Did he make it?" I ask.

Sam pov:

"You need to listen to me" I say.
"I don't care if you believe me or not. It doesn't matter, because you will. You need to go down to the mines" I say.

"what's in the mines Sam?" the interviewer ask.

"I've seen what's down there and I'd give anything to unsee it.

*down in the mine*

" we have found something"

"we have a visual on a survivor, one survivor repeat"

"is that?... Of fuck! Stay back! Stay back!"

 Of fuck! Stay back! Stay back!"

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(Josh is now a wendigo)

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