The voice of reason

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Night had fallen. Taking advantage of the joint ownership of their balconies, Van had joined Hitomi in his room.
She was waiting on the bed and then got up, happy to see the young man appear in front of her.

"So, do you have a good day with the funny team?" He asked.
"I think that I lived above all one of the wildest moments of my life. I swear, I wouldn't forget the Mole Man's shop."
"This old pervert opened a store?"
"Yes, he sells women's clothes. Millerna is one of his customers."
"A dream job for him ..."
"Absolutely! And he took advantage of it! Yiris demolished half of his shop after catching him spying on her."
"So my brother really took his wife to find her clothes ... Indeed, it must have been funny ..."
"Yes, you cann"t imagine this situation! And you, how was your day?"
"Not fun at all. The appraisal of the thieveries of Energist is even worse than anything we thought. We have in front of us an enemy who must have an important armament ... However, there is a news, information from Basram and Freid delegates raises a base that would have been localized."
"Freid's information? Duke Chid isn't present.
"No, he's like her mother, frail. It is his representative Kaja who came because the Duke is bedridden."
"Poor little ..."
"Little, little ... He is thirteen now. And looks a lot like a certain person ..." Van sighed.

Knowing Allen's secret, Hitomi understood that probably Van probably knew it too.
So the situation of the knight should be difficult.

"we will organize a massive military intervention." The King said. " The conditions will be discussed tomorrow, at the big final conference."
"You will go back to war ..."
"Yes, I don't have a choice. The security of my country is threatened by these mysterious enemies."
"I understand, but ..."

Wanting to avoid her from worrying more, Van slowly approached Hitomi and took her in his arms.
Stroking his blond hair, he leaned over to kiss her.

"It's starting to bother me to jump a wall to come see you. Don't you think it's time to solve this problem?"
"What do you mean?" The young woman asked confused.
"I promised to wait. So, I'm not going to make a formal request, however I would like you to think about marrying me."

Hitomi was surprised. Hier cheeks became red.

"I ...
"Don't panic, I just told you to think about it. Take your time, I have mine! Especially that, in the coming weeks, I will unfortunately have other concerns.
I would like you to know that my dream would be to live with you in the eyes of the whole world, and to found a family."
"A family ..."

The young woman remembered the vision of this little boy with green eyes who spoke to her, it could become real ...

She was moved at this idea, but still worried remembering the words of the child.

"I ... I don't know what to answer ... It's confusing for me ..."
"I repeat, you have time! Be sure that I will do my best in order to you can have a quiet life as a Queen."

They looked at each other with a smile, then she sat on the bed with an kinky air.
Amused by how to she acts Van began pulling on the waistband of her dress and untiedit.
Hitomi responded by removing her jacket herself and throwing it to the ground.

The king appreciated. He pushed her gently, she let herself fall on the cushions. Audacious, she drew him to her pulling the top of his pants.

He lay down on her, covering her with kisseswhile she caressed him. Slowly, he finally undo the lacing of his dress he removed, himself the rest of his outfit.

Still some marks of tenderness, and they got rid of any fabric, without a word, their movements were just guided by their eyes.

Once again, they shared a tender moment.

Hitomi's dream would have been always quiet, without all the burden of the outside world.


The next day, a joyous agitation reigned in the palace.

The day would end with a conference coupled with a reception that was meant to be exceptional.

Overwhelmed with work, the servants didn't know what to do in firstand were moving in all directions, in a chaos which replacing theorganization.
For the ladies, this kind of festivities was an opportunity to appear as beautiful as possible.

And that was exactly the kind of exercise in which Millernaexcelled, unable to participate actively in the discussions, Allenknowing how to persuade her that it wasn't the work of a woman, whichannoyed the Sovereign.

So, to calm down, since the morning, she took care of her outfit, herhair, her makeup, with many tests. The worst was knowing she had beenorganizing this moment for weeks.

In the pile of dresses refused for the party, two little boys were having a good time during a game of hide and seek.

It was in this merry mess that Hitomi, Merle and Yiris arrived, invited by the Queen.

"Ha! Here you are! Hitomi, knowing you,you're not going to make any effort for tonight's outfit, So I've askedyou to come to fix that, I'm sure Merle will help me."

The cat-girl burst out laughing. The idea of gently annoying her old friend was pleasant.

"Because you aren't concerned too, maybe?" Hitomi noticed, falsely angry.
"No, first, the simple fact that I am present at the palace is, for someone, a scandal, so, no party for me! RéponditMerle. No desire to be watched as a curious beast!"

Having noticed the presence of the guests, the two little blondheads came out of their hiding place of fabrics to rush to Hitomi.

"Mother, is she the lady of the Moon of Illusions that you told us about?" The older asked.
"Yes, Henry."

Curious, the boy advanced to the young woman and grabbed her hand.

"Really, you are like the people here!"

Stunned, Hitomi crouched to speak to her interlocutor.

"Yes, are you surprised?"
"In fact," the little one answered, "I thought people from sky were made of clouds."
"Stop your nonsense, Caspar!" Millerna said. "I've told you a hundred times that Hitomi was a normal person. And then, you two, you shouldn't have your lessons soon?"
"Not today, Mother!" Henry explained. "Father said we had a day off!"
"And of course, he didn't find it useful to tell me about it..." The Queen sighed."So, stay calm!"

The brothers nodded, but went back to have fun in the middle of the dresses.

"Oh children... And two boys, I'm spoiled!" Millerna said ironically.
"They are very cute!!" Hitomi noticed.
"Cute... Sometimes... I can tell you they are driving their nurses and preceptors crazy...
But, that's not the question. Tell me, have you planned a dress especially for the occasion?"

The two friends began discussing about clothing with Merle in a relaxed atmosphere.

Silent in a corner, Yiris sat on the edge of a window and looked out without listening to them.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. A servant went to open, one of the cat-wives of Monsieur Taupe's shop was here.

"Good morning Ladies, I was told that it was here that I could find Princess Yiris of Fanelia, I have a delivery for her."
"For me?" The general asked, advancing.
"Yes!" The saleswoman said, giving a package to the young woman. "With thanks from the shop!
Everythingwas done according to your husband's instructions. My lady boss hopesthat it suits you and still apologizes for the behavior of the Misterboss."

With that, she greeted before leaving as quickly as she had arrived, leaving Yiris frozen with her package.

Intrigued, Millerna rushed to shed her.

"Let's see what it contains!"

No time to protest, the Queen had laid the cardboard on a table andbegan to undo it, helped by Merle, under the amused look of Hitomi.

"Well, Yiris, your husband is spoiling you! Come see!"

Astonished, the general advanced toward the Queen. In the package,wrapped in tissue paper, a dark blue outfit embroidered with silverthread.

Pushing the curious with her elbows, she finished unpacking the contents.

It was a set consisting of a silk dress with a coat fully embroidered with shiny arabesques and dotted with small stars,with, as a belt, a ribbon of lighter tulle, stitched with sparkling threads too.
Faced with such a marvel, Yiris was amazed. Impossible it was for her, it was so magnificent.

"Well, if you have a beautiful dress, you have to be beautiful too!" Millerna said.
"You'llhave to be well coiffed and wear jewelry, and not that simple goldbraid in your hair or that ridiculous little charm held by a ribbonaround your neck."
"No!" Répondit Yiris answered. "You wouldn't touch my braid or my cross, it may be junk for you, but these are my treasures, I'm proud to wear them!"

Hearing this speech, Millerna smiled, amused, and turned to Hitomi.
She remembered how she, as a teenager, had defended her clothes in order to they wouldn't be thrown away.

Certainly, the people of the Moon of Illusions seemed to give a lotof importance to their possessions, as ridiculous as they are.

Concerning Yiris, the Queen was perplexed. How Folken Fanel, a manwhose charm she found beautiful when she was young, and even ten yearslater, despite the block of ice that he had become, could he like awoman a little too big and totally disfigured to the point of offeringhim an absolutely sublime dress?


Evening arrived and the reception began. After a first cocktail, the meeting would take place.

For the occasion, the ballroom of the palace had been convertedinto a gigantic conference room, while the large adjoining loungehosted the buffet.

Asthonised by the pomp and curious to see the festivities, Hitomi had arrived very early.
Whenhe saw her, with her dress in green blue tones always on the model ofknotted jacket of Fanelia, but made of organza that made her airy, Vanthought he was dreaming.
She was beautiful, remaining simple against the ladies sumptuously dressed and covered with jewels.

In the middle of the crowd, the young woman was a littleembarrassed, especially because of many looks were directed towards her.

"Hitomi, you're beautiful!"
"Thank you, but I'm uncomfortable with all these people."

Looking around, the young woman noticed Allen's arrival. He was sobusy that it was the first time she had met him since arriving in Palas.

Always proud, he walked towards her, she couldn't help to blush. Van was a little upset, but he didn't say anything.

"Well, Van did not lie to me. you became a beautiful woman Hitomi!" The knight saif, kissing her hand.
"Thank you ..." She answered, her cheeks red.

Probably a little jealous, Millerna hurriedly arrived. Royal bluetaffeta bodice dress with a flattering neckline, many jewels around herneck, her wrists and even in her hair, she was dazzling.

"We are reunited as in the past! It's fun to be back ten years ago!"

The friends smiled, they saw each other as they were during the great war. And now, a new conflict brought them together.

In discussing with Millerna, Hitomi understood that the seriousness of the situation had become critical.
Thedependence of the great nations on the energist was immense. Thesethefts created big logistical and military problems, because the maininterest of the energist was to serve as a source of energy to themelefs and the ships.

Sitting on a chair, Meinmet had found people to tell about his story.
He ate while recounting his journey on the Moon of Illusions to some curious old nobles.
Hitomi had fun with the old man's behavior, he was really amusing with his whims.

A little later, Folken joined the group. Amazed to see him alone, Hitomi asked him.

"Yiris is not with you?"
"In fact, I had hope to find her here, but finally not ..." He sighed.
"The last time we saw her," Millerna explained, "she had run out the window with the box of her dress after I offered her the services of my hairdresser ..."

Hearing that and imagining the situation, Folken couldn't help from laughing, as the rest of the group.

A little later, the men were invited to attend the conference, while the ladies remained to be discussed in the next room.

Some gluttons, including Meinmet, preferred the buffet company to speeches.

On the way to the hall, Van talked with his brother.

"I hope that Yiris will listen hiden in a corner."
"I trust her, she will come!"
"How can you be so sure? In theory, she should already be present."
"The first buffet was salty and she isn't comfortablewith the chatter. The conference and the sweet buffet will be moreinteresting!" The Prince noticed,amused.
"If I were you, I'll take a plate to bring him some cakes tonight ... If our uncle leaves some ..." Showing with a nod the interested one who was eating like an animal before wintering.

The members of the delegations took their places and the conference began under the presidency of Allen.

After a summary of the current situation and an inventory of theattacks, the President of Basram spoke to explain the observations madesouth of his territory.

The alleged lair of the aggressors would be in a marshy area calledthe Mist Forest, because of the permanent fog formed by the ambienthumidity.
The problem of ground hostility was one of the first problems.

One of the generals present evoked the risk of stalemate of the melefs.
On this point, a General of Cesario raised the possibility of using scouts just to assess the terrain.
The idea was unanimous, then the question of the forces to engage was asked.

Very quickly, huge numbers were mentioned. It was said to involve morethan one hundred and fifty thousand men from all nations. a huge numberthat meant sending the bulk of each nation's troops onto thebattlefield.

"And you call yourself military! During this time, they will have plenty of time to hit you from behind!"

This voice ... All eyes converged on the entrance to the room. General stupefaction!

Dressed in her blue dress, which suited her very well, her hairpicked up in an improvised bun held by her gold braid, her stick in herhand, Yiris advanced without fear in the middle of the assembly.

"Well, congratulations!" Millerna whispered, astonished, at Hitomi who had witnessed the scene from the next room. "She managed to get well alone, I'm amazed!"

People only saw her! Van strikes his head in front of the scandal.
Meinmet would have applauded if he hadn"t had his hands full of food.
Folken could not help from feel a certain pride in seeing his wife admired and amused by her incredible boldness.

The scars on the face were almost secondary, the most important was the look.
Andthis little game, for his first official appearance dressed as a woman,except that, as usual, she had tied her belt on the side as the men inFanelia do, Yiris excelled!

After going up the ranks, she went on the stage. The speakers moved aside, even Allen was unable to protest.

Sure of her despite her unusual dress, the general spoke to the guests.

"You don't know who you have to do! I saw them atwork. Yes, it will take a lot of soldiers to catch them. However, onlbrute force will be ineffective! They are fast and smart, and from whatI've seen, the mist is their dream playground!
So, rather thancounting your melefs as children, think about how to organize yourself,how to use your troops on the ground intelligently instead of runninginto the pile!
And above all, don't fall into the trap of giving upyour backs! To deprive your lands of a large part of your forces,wouldn't you be the victim of a surprise assault?
After all, the presence of these warriors in the marshes is not totally certain, so be subtle, because they are!"

After these words, the young woman went away as she had come, with a cold glance.
Her departure was followed by a heavy silence, then whispers began.

For once, it was not Yiris' behavior the subject, but her speech.
In a sense, she wasn't wrong.

Then the assembly went to a chaos that Allen had trouble to calmdown. Letting the officials debate, Folken rose to follow his wife.

After a brief search, he found her at the edge of a pond in the gardens of the palace.
To digest her exploit, she had taken a bottle of wine from a table and emptied it by drinking from the neck.

"I find it a shame to behave well after a remarkable speech!" The Prince remarked.
"I need to get drunk to forget what I just did and my royal punishment!"
"Why will my brother punish you?"
"You were sleeping ? I think I just did the stupidest thing of my life!"
"No, you're right, I can do worse ..."

Visibly a little drunk with alcohol, Yiris jumped fully dressed in the water.

Refusing any help to get out, she ended up sitting on the edge of the pool and burst out laughing.

"I think I'm not in my normal state today ..."
"Indeed, jumping dressed fresh in the water is particularly stupid!" The Prince said, amused.
"That's what happens when I don't think or when I'm drunk ..." The young woman joked, shaking the bottle she had emptied.
"Well, your way of being spontaneous is pleasant, a pity that we must use alcohol ..."

Completely wet, Yiris stood up, abandoning his empty bottle, and walked towards Folken.
Standing on tiptoe, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

Separating her lips from his, she gave him a beautiful smile, before taking a few steps back.

"We'll put it's the fault of the drink!"

Then, as if nothing had happened, she began to wring her dress.

With a tender look, Folken didn't answer. This unrealistic moment had offered him immense happiness.

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