Chapter II

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               Brandon's heart pounded in his chest and his mouth went dry as his brother's glare seemed to pierce right through him.  He took a step back only for his brother to grab his arm and pull him towards him.  He did not pull away, he did not dare.  He knew the consequences for that transgression all too well.

           Beandon  delivered a hard smack to his thigh.   Brian yelped in pain getting the attention of other people in the parking lot.  Some stopped to watch, others went about their business but none interfered.
"I'm disappointed in you Brian."  Brandon said as he gave him a slap on the other thigh.  He was certain that slap could be heard by people in the stores.

                  "I'm sorry."  He said with a small sob.   He then received another hard smack to the leg.  Brian let out a loud wail and received a fourth one.

                 "Yeah show him whose boss."  A teen then yelled and began to laugh.

                    Brandon shot invisible daggers at the teen and resisted the urge to give him a few slaps.   He then turned to his brother who was trembling as he held his both legs.  His face was a mask of fear and his eyes pleaded with him to stop.   I should give him a couple of more he thought but he could not bring himself to hit his brother again.  He had learned his lesson he was sure of it.

                    Brandon held out his hand once again and said "Cell phone now."

                    "Yes sir."  He quickly pulled out his cell phone and handed it to his brother.  He then hung his head in shame as he said "I'm sorry Brandon."   Guilt began to eat away at him at what he had done.  He chided himself for not giving him his brother the cell phone like he wanted. 

                     "Apology accepted."  He then pulled his brother towards him and put him into a tight embrace.   Brian hugged his brother back and buried his face in his shoulder.  "I love you little brother."

                       "I love you too."  He said as he choked back the tears.

                       "That's it."  The teen said with disappointment in his voice.

                        Yeah that's it you little jerk he thought.  He thought how he was going to find out who that kid was and tell his parents what a disrespectful brat he was.  Hopefully he will get more then a few slaps on the thigh.

                         Brandon pulled away and then grabbed his brother's chin forcing him to look at him.  "You are going to do what you are told right."  A sterness was in his voice as he spoke carrying an unspoken warning of worse punishment to come if he did not comply to his wishes. 

                  "Yes, yes I will."  He said.

                         "Okay then."  He then turned his brother around and they headed towards the shops.  The people who gathered for the little display returned to their business.  Brian's cheeks had went red when he realized how many people watched his thighs slapped like he was a little boy.   Embarrassment burned inside of him as he thought that it would be all over school tomorrow.

                          "Ha, ha you got a beating."  The teen who was probably around thirteen or fourteen laughed.

                             "Shut your mouth kid before you get worse."  Brandon glowered at him.

                              The kid then told Brandon what he could go do with himself.  Brandon took a step forward ready to throttle the kid only for Brian to quickly grab him.  "Brandon don't."  He said.  The kid then laughed and ran off.  Fury was in his eyes as he looked at his younger brother, he wanted to chase after the kid and spend about five minutes pounding on his backside until he was a weeping, remorseful wreck.  "You are not his brother or cousin.  You can't touch him."

                        He let out a sigh as he realized that his brother was right.  He could give his brother a smack down in the parking with no consequences but he would be in serious trouble if he hit that little jerk.  No matter how much he deserved it.     "You're right."  He said as he pulled away from his brother.  He then looked back at the kid who disappeared around the corner.  You are not going to get away with his he thought.

                        "Okay why you don't head to Lucky's."  He said and his brother nodded in agreement.  "I believe Butch is working today."

                      "Cool."  Excitement was in his voice as he spoke.   It had been a week since he had seen Butch.

                      "I'll get you when I am done."   Brian nodded and turned to head towards the shop.  That is when he felt a sharp smack across his backside that caused him to wince.  "And be good." 

                     "I will."  He said looking back at his brother.  He then headed down the sidewalk rubbing his backside.  

                      Brandon watched his brother until he walked into the shop.   He then turned to walk to the barbershop and hoped that was the last beating he would have to give his brother. 

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