Chapter 25(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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As Alaavia continues to daydream her thoughts away, she suddenly begins singing a small song for herself. One that she has heard many times and loved ever since. Unknown to her, the people that is coming towards the shore has heard the exact same song.

Alaavia: If i was Pirate of the seas, then i know what i would have done. I would have sailed with the wind, and simply dreamt myself away. 

She looks a bit down.

Alaavia: but i am young and comes no way, because the evil Maga Khan is looking for me. 

The song is supposed to be answered in this part, by the specific person she is singing about. Sadly, she has never gotten a response from him in either way. 

Until now.

Nate: Pirate of The Seas who is he?

Alaavia is too lost in her own thoughts to realise that she has gotten an answer. Yet she continues singing for herself, but Nate can hear everything in the wind.

Alaavia: A Black dressed and angry and dangerous man, At sea and in port. His name is whispered. 

Both of them: Captain Kyohei.

Behind Nate, all three other crew men are shocked to hear Nate actually answer a song sung for himself. Rosa in particular admires him as he then continues with lines she has never heard.

Nate: There exists a Pirate of the seas, i set sail in all kinds of weather. When the sea and sky are boiling, no one knows where i am. 

Alaavia begins slowly realising that she isn't imagining the response, she breathes faster as she hears the next lines.

Nate: But far out there no one can sail safely, Even the evil Maga Khan should tremble with fear. 

Slowly the row boat comes closer to the shore, Alaavia tries to see where the man answering her is. Not realising where his voice is coming from. 

Nate: Pirate of the seas who is he?

Alaavia: A Black dressed and angry and dangerous man, At sea and in port. His name is whispered.

Both of them: Captain Kyohei.

Alaavia looks towards the jungle to her left, he can't be there. It simply is no chance. 

Then he sings the next lines which she has longed to hear.

Nate: On all seas i belong, My word is law i do as i wish. I rule the seas from east to west. In The Pirate Empire Kyohei is best. 

He lets out a laughter in the night, the row boat has reached it's destination. Alaavia turns her gaze, almost fearful that what she has heard is simply halucinations. 

As Nate deliveres the last lines he jumps ashore.

Nate: Pirate of the seas here he is. A Black Dressed and angry and dangerous man. 

As he steps on the shore, Alaavia sees him and drops her jaw. There he is, no false man. The real Captain Nate Kyohei.

Nate: At sea and in port, my name is whispered. 

Nate's gentle smirk allows Alaavia to finish the song.

Alaavia: Captain Kyohei. 

As she sings the last line, Nate's crew men and women appear. Rosa comes on Nate's right, almost like a bodyguard. 

To his left appears Red, looking serious but still quite respectable. To his left again appears Leaf, with a gentle look. 

Rosa: Wow Nate, i never knew you could actually sing like that.

Nate chuckles.

Nate: i actually don't. That is the only one i have bothered to learn how to sing.

Red: it was nice listening to it Nate, you gotta do that more.

Nate: We'll see Red, maybe the time will soon be right. 

Leaf: Shangri La is quite a place, even at first glance i must say.

Red and Leaf turn to Agny's house while Nate and Rosa is more interested in the girl who began the song. 

Alaavia comes closer to Nate who looks at her with interest.

Alaavia: a.are you really Captain Nate Kyohei? 

Nate chuckles and walks closer.

Nate: I sure am young one. I must say you had quite the voice for the Pirate Of The Sea song. 

Rosa: that's adorable Nate, you got to do that more.

Nate: I know Rosa, but now is not the time. 

He turns to Alaavia who comes closer to him.

Nate: what is your name young one?

Alaavia: i'm Alaavia. 

Nate: hmm, Alaavia. Nice name. 

Rosa: But, where the heck is the others? Weren't The four going to meet up with us here? 

Rosa looks around, but there is only the new arrivals here along with Alaavia. 

Nate: Hmm, this might be bad. 

He looks at Alaavia, his sharpness realises she might know something. Lyra did tell him that there was a girl here that could help them.

Nate: Tell me Alaavia, was there a girl here named Lyra? 

Alaavia: there was....Wait. How do you know Lyra?

Nate chuckles.

Nate: i guess she didn't tell you who she was working for. I am Lyra's Captain.

Alaavia once again drops her jaw while her eyes grow in shock. Seeing her shocked makes both Nate and Rosa let out a chuckle. 

Rosa: someone gets quite the birthday gift today i see.

Alaavia then suddenly jumps at Nate and holds onto him.

Nate: woah, calm down young one. 

Alaavia: You have to help me Captain! I'm afraid Lyra is going to get killed!

Nate slowly rises up with the girl in his arms before he hands her over to Rosa who is much better at comforting people.

Rosa: Calm Alaavia, Lyra isn't going to get killed. She is a strong woman, and with Ethan on his side she can beat pretty much anyone. 

Alaavia: You don't understand! She is going after The Bad Man!

Nate: say what again? The Bad Man? As in who? 

Alaavia: He is a big dangerous man!

Nate and Rosa looks confused a each other while Red and Leaf have been inspecting Agny's house. 

Nate: wait a minute, is it who i think it is? 

Rosa: Hugh? 

Alaavia: Hugh? I'm talking about The Bad Man!

Rosa: But who is the bad man? 

''It is Hugh you two'' a voice suddenly says.

Wrapping up yet another chapter of The Life Of A Pirate.

If you wonder, i just suddenly got the song that is sung on my brain. It is originaly a Norwegian song, so i just translated it and edited some words. I know it's cringe and it doesn't exactly work cause there is no rhymes, but here in Turtwig's Wattpad life we write with everything we get inspiration for. 

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