Chapter 18

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Opening the door, I got out. But for some reasons, my body wasn't moving instead it relaxed on the door. I brought my hand to my chest. Why was it suddenly beating fast?

If it goes any faster, I was sure it was going to explode.

So... That's his girlfriend. Why was I even thinking about it and of course, she's his girlfriend. Hitting my head, I thought, what are you doing? Jeez stop.

"Ma'am?" I heard a lady's voice, I quickly stumbled away from the door and looked at the lady calling me.

She was the secretary. "Uh.. Yes? Oh, I was uh.. My legs hurt, I just.. You know," I laughed nervously. "I'd go now." I said and walked into my office.

Placing my hand on my chest. I prayed for it to stop beating so fast. It did calm down after minutes but I didn't do anything for 35mins. Just sat there.

Looking at the time, I noticed it was 1:34pm. Oh, I had to go get Anne from school. Jake said I could home 2pm. Does Mr. Kings know?

I guess I'd go find out. I stood up and walked to Mr. Kings office, silently praying his brunette Barbie girlfriend isn't there.

You sound jealous. Pfft. Jealous? Ha! That's the biggest lie i've heard. I was just referring to how she looked.

She looked like a brunette barbie. With the dress, shoe... I'm not surprised that's actually the type of girl he dates. Oh my god. What was I thinking.

I have gone crazy.

I knocked on Mr. Kings office before opening the door and yipee, God answered my prayers this time. I walked closer to the desk.

"I-" he cuts me off. He seems annoyed though.

"I know what you want to say and it's not yet time, you still have 25minutes, 47 seconds before you leave." He said, he didn't look up at me even for a second, his eyes was fixated on the paper before him.

"I just wanted to confirm if yo-" he cuts me off, again. I don't know why, but it seems people just like cutting me off.

But I think he's just doing it because he hates me. I mean, he took that chance to fire me before, I bet he's looking for another.

He laughed a little and it was a bitter one. Okay confirmed. He hates me.

"You wanted to confirm?" He asked. "He told you he told me about it, didn't he?" He asked again. He was referring to Jake. He's starting to make me think he has something against Jake with the way he said that.

"Y-yes." I stuttered. Just why was I stuttering right now? If only he was ugly, I wouldn't be having a hard time here, jeez.

"What a bastard, he actually likes a lady who doesn't trust him," He said it lowly, but it didn't escape my oversensitive ears.

Okay, it wasn't oversensitive, but I heard it.

What did he mean? His jaw was tight when he said that. "I actually think he's a fool to friend a lady as stupid as you," he said. I fists balled. He's such a bully. How does it even concern him if Jake is friends with me?

"You call him a friend and you don't trust him?" He was doing all he could to make me cry, well, jokes on him, I'm not going to ever make such a rude person like him make me cry.. Ever again.

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