Accidently Married

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Hey guys! sorry it took so long but I decided to go to visit my roots in Vietnam this weekend but here is the next chapter :)


I unlock the door to my apartment almost falling through the doorway, exhausted from the two most hyperactive kids I have ever met in my life. They were so rambunctious it took most of my energy to keep them entertained but I loved it. Kelly and Tyler were just so cute it made me a little envious. I, of course, would love to have kids someday.

I head toward my shower hoping to revitalize myself. I still need to get all my work things in order for the next few days so I can take Tuesday to Saturday off without there being any problems while I’m away.

For the next couple of days I spent all my time working so that there won’t be any problems. As Tuesday morning rolls around I grab my luggage that I packed the night before and head toward the door. I am wearing my usual comfortable close, big grey t-shirt, blue jeans and my black slip-on shoes.

I open the door only to find Mr. Livingston with his right had raised, ready to knock. This is the first time I have ever seen him dressed so casually in a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans. They fit him so well I was practically gawking. He looks as if he belongs in these clothes.

“Mr. Livingston what are you doing here?” I ask confused.

“I figured it would be more convincing if we arrive together rather than separately. Also you should probably stop calling me Mr. Livingston if you really want this plan to work.”

“Oh, right. So M-matthieu, shall we get going?” I ask shyly.

The ride to the airport was met in complete silence and it didn’t get any better when we finally arrived. As we board our plane I start to head toward the back of the plane where the economy seats are when Matthieu says, “Where are you going? Our seats are right here.”

I look around confused, “but this is first class, I booked an economy flight.”

“I know and I changed it, your seat is right here next to mine.”

“But I can’t afford this!” I said stunned.

“No worries, remember? I’m your fiancée and we are getting married in a few days so what’s mine is yours.” He said straight faced.

“Haha very funny.” I said sarcastically, but I sat down next to him. No use arguing I already know how stubborn he can be. We settle in as the flight attendant starts the in flight movie. I must have fallen asleep because I slowly realize that there is a blanket covering me and I am next to something warm. I snuggle closer only to find out that I am snuggling closer to Matthieu. I jerk awake quickly, my hands flying to my hair trying to make it neat and hoping I didn’t snore.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. Literally.”

“It’s ok. You look cute when you’re sleeping; you even have a cute snore.” He said chuckling.

I blush and cover my face in shame as I mumble, “On no. please tell me I didn’t snore.”

Smiling Matthieu said, “Only a little.”

As I was about to retort the flight attendant came on the speaker and said, “Thank you for flying United Airlines. We would like to welcome you to Colorado. The time is now 11 a.m. we hope to fly with you again, thank you and have a good day.”

After we grab our luggage we head out toward the gate. As we approach the gate I see my sister holding a sign that reads, “Welcome home soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Livingston!”

Oh god. This is going to be one long weekend.

We greet my sister and head toward my childhood home in Black Forest, Colorado. As we pull up, I see my mother walking out of the house smiling. We get out of the car and she gives me a hug, she then turns to Matthieu gives him a big hug and says, “It’s good to finally meet you. My name is Adeline McAllister and to tell you the truth, I didn’t think you actually exist. Now come into the house, we have a lot to discuss.”

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