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alpaca: the hell, @daehwi stop staring at chuu like that!

woongie: you're scaring my babu

donghyun: what did you say, woong?

woongie: daehwi's scaring my babu

gayhwi: you guys don't even know each other

woongie: i know her before you do ew

sparrow: oHHHHH

gayhwi: shut up woojin

alpaca: you do, @woong? why didn't you tell us?

woongie: i'm tired

gayhwi: do you like chuu?!

woongie: yuck daehwi ofc no

donghyun: phew

gayhwi: that was close

alpaca: so, it's okay now?

sparrow: everything is okay so please @daehwi stop pinching woongie's cheeks

gayhwi: fine

alpaca: good

gayhwi: k
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