India's pov:

I've been sitting here for an hour waiting for my interview to start and they still haven't called me back there I just don't get it there's not even that many people here why are they moving so goddamn slow........

Hi I'm India Westbrook I'm 21 I'm from New Orleans ,Louisiana but I live in Atlanta i come from a very rich family my dad owns young money and my mom owns 5 businesses and she's a realtor

Why are you looking for a job if your so rich ?? You might ask

And my answer is I'm what you call independent and I don't like when things are handed to me I just work for it

I have a little sister thats 14 her name is mahogany we are very close we do everything together thats like my other half....

August's pov:

What's poppin it's yo favorite yungin August alsina I'm 22 I'm from New Orleans but now I live in the atl I'm single ......when I was growing up I didn't have much so used tell sell rock on the block and post videos of me singing on the Internet and now I'm a big star I have 2 brothas but my oldest brotha mel died three days before my 18th birthday but he has been my motivation so now all I do is grind and pray.

Today I'm looking for a new maid because my old one had a baby and told me she wasn't coming back at all so I'm looking for a new one..... My Bodyguard and i will personally sit down with the girls and talk to them ask them a few questions just to see what their intention are

Brutus: come on on August we have to go your taking forever we were supposed to be there two hours ago

{Brutus is my bodyguard }

August: hol'up nigga I'm coming

Brutus: you said that two hours ago

August: Are you angry big fella

I said as I ran down the stairs outside and to the truck and got in , brutus hates when i call him that but i just to annoy him....Brutus started up the truck and we drove for about 10 minutes and until we pulled up to the place where  I saw a whole bunch of screaming girls .....

damn this is going to be a long goddamn day

India's pov

After an hour and thirty minutes I decided to just go home as I was walking out of the building I saw a black truck pull up to a place with a bunch of screaming girls

And when I got to my car I seen a flyer for a maid job for a celebrity named August alsina who ever that was ..... I took the flyer balled it up and threw it in my purse got in the car and drove to my condo ..... I pulled into the parking garage and got out locked the doors and walked in the building took the elevator up to condo A2 walked inside locked the door behind me kicked off my shoes and walked upstairs to my room walked into the bathroom stripped out of my clothes and got in the shower

I washed up with my beautiful day body wash from bath&body works got out and wrapped a towel around my body walked into my closet and pick out some bed clothes

I decided on :

~ hollister short shorts

~ hollister tank top

~ hollister long socks

And u I put my hair in a high messy bun and walked down stairs I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda walked in the Living Room turned on the tv to 106&park and was just about to get comfortable until my phone rang and my crazy best friend called me omg what is it now......

August's pov:

< in the middle of an interview >

Brutus: So what can you do for Mr. Alsina

Random chick number 234 : oh I can do more than just clean

This ugly ass gothic bitch said

Brutus: well what do you do ? ~ he asked in confusion

Random chick number 234: I suck dick , eat ass, tickle ba-I cut her off

Me: BITCH FUCK NO .....GET OUT.......Brutus we cutting these interviews short tomorrow we only interviewing 20 people got that

Brutus: yes sir


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Next chapter coming soon!!!!

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