Authors Note (Old Note)

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Hi everyone! I am writing this to give a shout out to tolalizzy.

They were the first person to vote for Different. I just want to say thank you so freaking much for voting. It means so much to me that somone actually likes my content. It was kind of a back to school gift because today was my first day back to school. I saw the notification that tolalizzy voted for two of my chapters on the bus ride home. My two friends and I were freaking out on the bus. (People were staring at us like we were crazy.) Anyways, my friends got to enjoy the moment with me!

I'm not sure when I can update again... maybe tomorrow but no promises. I have marching band practice on Thursday and a football game that I have to play at on Friday. (I play the flute if anyone was wondering. Comment if you play an instrument and what it is.) And my birthday is on Saturday. (09/07). I also have a parade to be in on Sunday so yeah, my week is pretty busy. And also school started this week so yeah.

Anyways thank you again tolalizzy for voting for my book.

Anyways, I'll see y'all in the next chapter.

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