Chapter 6

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Previously on The Fate...

Avneet again bumps to Siddharth Nigam's car. Then again an argument started between Avneet and Siddharth.
And they ended giving each other funny (Siddharth- Bandar & Avneet- Nakchadi names and gets lost each other..

Now let's continue...

After Avneet went (faking anger), Siddharth was also gone from there to hos brother's office.

*Skips to VSA Fashion House*

Abhi was sitting in his cabin.

Vaishu: May I come in Sir..

Abhi: Yes come in..

Vaishu's POV

Ohh my god, He is very hot same as his brother. He is also very cute. How a person can be so cute. His eyes, jawline everything seems perfect..
Stop it vaishu, don't think about this.
He is your boss..
Par phir bhi yrr dil toh pagal hai...

Abhi's POV

OMG god, this girl is very beautiful. Her eyes, I'm getting lost in her eyes..
Stop it Abhi.

Vaishu: Good Morning Sir. Sir I'm Vaishnavi Rao from NewYork. Here's my joining letter.

Abhi: Acha toh ho jo company mein nayi nayi join hue ho.

Vaishu: Yes sir..

Abhi: Tike chalo mein tumko tumhare baaki colleagues se milwana hoon..

Reem: Good Morning Boss...

Abhi: Reem yu sudhregi nahin naa. Tujhe kitni baar bola mujhe yeh sir aur boss wagarah mat bulaya kar. Mujhe acha nahi lagta..

Reem: Okk boss abse nahi bula ungi. 😂😂

Abhi: Nahi sudhregi 🤦🤦..

Chal chod. Yeh dekh inse mil yeh hai Miss. Vaishnavi Rao. Nayi join huee hai office mein..

Reem: Ohh hi Vaishnavi.. I'm Reem Sameer

Vaishu: Hi Reem. Myself Vaishnavi Rao.

Reem: Hann voh toh hamare BOSS ne bata diya 😜😜

Abhi: Reeeem😡😡

Reem: Okk okk 😂😂

Abhi: Vaise tumhara Jai kahan hai?

Reem: Voh aa raha hoga... Wait tumhara Jai matlab???

Abhi: Tumhara Jai matlab, tumhara Jai...😂😂

Vaishu: Yeh Jai kaun hai, tumhara BF hai kya??

Reem: Arre nahi bus we are just good friends. Yeh sab log mujhe uska naam lekar chidathe rehte hain..

Vaishu: Ohh acha 😂😂

Jai: Good Morning Boss..

Abhi: Jai tu bhi 🤦🤦

Jai: Acha tike tike.. Oh Hi Reem.

Reem: Hi jai..

Yeh isse mil yeh hamare office nayi aayi hai.

Jai: Ohh Hi I'm Jaijeet Singh.

Vaishnavi: Hi Jai, Myself Vaishnavi Rao..

Jai: Hi Vaishnavi..

Abhi: Vaise guyzzz Jannat kahan hai..

Reem: Voh ab tak nahi aayi..

Abhi: Sid yahan pe aa raha hai abhi..

Suddenly Sid comes lost in some thoughts..

Reem: Hi Sid..

No response

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