Here's My Heart, Don't Break It

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A cold wind raged against the tall, glass windowed, buildings.It terrorized the whole, city, whipping against the old, peeling, brick buildings.  People walking in the street, felt the cold air, but didn't feel the wind as roughly as one might if they had been 60 feet higher.

"Momma, I want!" a little boy shouted and pointed at an item, a bear, sitting on a street vendor's cart.

"No, William, come on!" she shouted at him and dragged him through the city crowd.

Observing this scene was a tall, young man, no older than 20, leaning in the door frame of a small, run down, building. It wasn't a shop, like most, it was an abandoned apartment building. It held no significance for the man, it was simply a place to escape the chilled air and the busy crowds of the dim lit night. He enjoyed watching people hustle from work, to dinner, and watching the vendors shout out for customers.

Ethan was a tall man, muscular in stature, but not one who attended a gym regularly. His hair was a tousle of black curls, some falling over his dark eyebrows. Lastly, and probably most noticably, were his golden eyes. They were a brown, but from the pupil shot gold streaks, that seemed magical in a sense.

"I'm on my way, Helen!" a man said calmly into a cell phone and hung up as he passed Ethan.

"Excuse me!!" a busty woman shouted as a small man ran into her.

"Watch where you're going, lady!" he shouted back and quickly passed her.

Ethan couldn't help but laugh at the completely pointless scene. It was as he watched the busty woman continue down the street that he saw a glamorous, gorgeous, oh he couldn't even find the words, woman. She didn't seem to notice the crowds, she only walked through the people and they happily obliged. He could see from his perch that she was rather petite, but her heels gave her length. She wasn't stick skinny, no she had curves, and she sauntered with an air of confidence like that of a movie star.

She was moving towards him, all of a sudden, and he felt his palms sweat. She came right up to him, her body blocking his view from the streets.

"Can I help you?" he asked, looking at her, surprisingly, not flawless skin. She was beauitful, but it stunned him that she hadn't covered up a light beauty mark by her jaw, or the few freckles that spackled her nose. She was wearing makeup, but she wasn't hiding her skin.

"Uh, yeah, you can move your feet," she said looking at Ethan.

"Er ... this building is locked up," he replied, not moving an inch.

"I realize that, I have a key."


"You sure do ask a lot of questions ... considering I'm a perfect stranger," she shot back.

"A beautful stranger."

She looked at him, noting his wonderful eyes, "if you cared to flatter me then, you might move aside."

"I might ..." he smiled at her and stood up straight, allowing her to get near the door. She pulled a key from the bag swung over her shoulder and inserted it into th appropriate place. She turned it and opened the door, looking back at Ethan, "You should find a new little hidy hole," she announced as she stepped into the building and allowed the door to swing shut behind her. Ethan stuck the toe of his boot in the door.

"Why?" he called as he ran to catch up with her. Amazingly, she seemed to be gliding, quickly, across the store.

She raised an eyebrow, hardly annoyed, but amused. "I'm going to be living here," she stated and opened a door at the back of the large store room.

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