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Jungkook sat on his bed, virtually fuming. He could barely control the deep anger rising up in his chest. The image of Taehyung's lips against Hoseok played constantly in his mind, only causing him to feel a burning urge to destroy the Prince.

He couldn't quite believe the blue-haired boy kissed him back. Despite the fact Jungkook tried everything to suppress the sheer emotion of sadness coursing through every vein in his body, he felt utterly broken. He couldn't understand why Taehyung had thrown away everything he'd done for him. The lengths Jungkook had gone to the day in the market which they'd spent together was so unlike him, that he at least expected the boy to have the respect to make it clear he didn't feel the same way Jungkook did.

Yet, he couldn't fully comprehend why on earth Taehyung would agree to kissing him if he felt no attraction towards Jungkook. To say the Prince felt like a fool would be an understatement. He couldn't believe he'd fallen for the boy's tricks yet again. The first time he'd discovered Taehyung had run his mouth to Jimin should've been a warning sign to the Prince about the elder's antics, however he acted like an oblivious love-sick idiot the second he grovelled and apologised to the blue-haired boy when he hadn't even made a mistake.

A sharp knock at his own door snapped the Prince from his train of thoughts, causing him to open his mouth in fury, intending to scream at the person to get the hell away from him, however he was taken by surprise once the door was pushed open by none other than Taehyung.

The servant's eyes were filled with evident tears, as he looked at Jungkook, who in return, saw nothing but the boy's swollen lips, triggering the Prince to stand up in rage from the edge of his bed as he walked over to Taehyung.

"You little whore," he breathed out lowly, the pitch of his voice decreasing by two octaves. "You think I want to see you right now, huh? Do you?"

Taehyung looked confused as he stared up at Jungkook, attempting to brush away a few stray tears with the back of his hand. "What?" he whispered, visibly gulping. "I came here to tell you-"

"That Hoseok kissed you? Is that what you wanted to run off and tell me, hm? I bet you'll leave the part out where you kissed him back, Taehyung," the boy screeched out, jabbing the elder's chest with his finger.

"How did you know.." the boy trailed off with uncertainty, feeling utter shock. A few seconds after Hoseok had brought him into the kiss, Taehyung pushed him away, before running out of the room and making a bee-line towards Jungkook, feeling as if it was necessary to tell the Prince what had just occurred.

He'd entered the room crying due to feeling so much guilt of allowing himself to be in the situation he'd just experienced. However, Jungkook's reaction took him by so much surprise that he didn't quite know what to say to the younger, who appeared to be in a murderous rage.

"I knew because I was on my fucking way to see you. I was heading to Jimin's room before I see you practically eating Hoseok's face off. You disgust me, Taehyung. You make me sick," he spat out whilst his heart hammered furiously in his chest, purely from sheer anger.

"No, Jungkook.. you don't understand," Taehyung said softly, unable to prevent the tears he was suppressing back from tumbling down his flushed cheeks. "I didn't-"

"Taehyung," Jungkook almost growled, clenching his fists in order to prevent them trembling with fury. "Lie to me once again and you'll see what I'm capable of. Now leave."

Usually, Taehyung would've obeyed his orders, despite feeling the urge to tell the Prince what had really happened. He'd wait until the situation was visually calmer before approaching Jungkook again, this time talking the boy into seeing sense. However, after noting how broken the Prince's facial expression was, Taehyung simply couldn't leave.

He had to hold his ground.

"Jungkook, please listen to me," the boy practically begged, taking one step towards the fuming man, who only retreating in response, staring daggers into the elder's eyes. "He was-"

"You don't understand, do you?" Jungkook screamed out, his neck vein visibly popping out from the sheer amplitude of his voice. "Do you understand for a second how I feel? Do you understand that you are the only person I would drop everything for. You are the one I put before me. It's you who's constantly on my mind everyday. You are my only weakness, Kim Taehyung. And now you go and destroy every last ounce of my self-worth, huh? You went out and destroyed every last bit of humanity I had in me. I hope you're fucking happy, Taehyung. Now get the hell out of my room before I drag you out myself."

Taehyung froze.

He completely froze.

He only absorbed everything Jungkook said, feeling his heart completely shatter into broken shards after the Prince's confession. He'd often imagined, in the midst of his laborious work, how Jungkook would first tell Taehyung how he felt towards him. Whilst he pictured it, he'd scold himself for dreaming of things so fruitless and childish, although he couldn't help but assume it would be said in a soft and romantic way.

The very last thing he expected was for the situation to be as it was now. The fact Jungkook believed Taehyung would ever betray his trust killed the boy inside.

"Listen to me, Jeon Jungkook," the servant boy forced out, raising his voice in attempt to make the younger see the truth. "You listen to me right now until I finish. I never intended nor did I know he would kiss me. He made the move, and I was so shocked at what he I couldn't do anything but stay still. I know I should've moved but I just.. in the moment I didn't know what to do, Jungkook. I'd never hurt you. I'd never mean to hurt you in any way. I've grown so many feelings towards you that I wouldn't even dream of kissing anyone that wasn't you. It's only you, Jungkook. You are the one who I have my eyes on. Not Hoseok, not anyone else. It's you."

Both boys were breathing hard, feeling far too riled up to say anything else. Jungkook didn't miss the way Taehyung's voice cracked in the end as he analysed the blue-haired male's expression, unable to deny the fact that pure remorse was written all over his face.

Jungkook desperately wanted to follow through with his words and force Taehyung to leave, although there was a slight unnerved feeling he experienced, which almost signaled to him that the elder was indeed saying the truth. Looking back at it, Jungkook only saw Hoseok making advances, to which Taehyung barely responded to. Yet, the entirety of the situation was too much for either boy to handle at that moment, hence why Jungkook only swallowed the lump in his throat, taking a deep breath to even out his words.

"I think you should go, Taehyung," he said emotionlessly. "I need to think this over. Just go."

There was nothing more Taehyung could do. So instead, the boy only looked up at the Prince with pleading eyes before he proceeded to depart the room.

"I'm telling the truth, Kook. You have to believe me. Please," he whispered softly, leaving the room moments later.

And Jungkook was left on his own, his mind racing over Taehyung's confession as well as his own words; and there was truly nothing other than sheer conflict which he was experiencing in that very second.

Part of him wanted to envelop Taehyung into a hug, inhaling the vanilla scent of the boy whom he had fallen for in the space of a week and a half. However, there was also another part of him which desperately wished he'd never met Taehyung. There was a part of him which missed how he used to be: heartless, uncaring and ignorant towards absolutely everyone around him.

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