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(gray's pov)

I sat up at the sound of talking. Looking next to me, y/n was fast asleep. It was only 1 in the morning, who was talking now? Getting out of bed and into the nursery, I checked on Alyssa, the 9-month-old sleeping soundlessly in her crib. Walking out of the room and into Alex's, I sighed.

Alex was sitting on her bed, playing with her dolls, back to the door. I walked over, sitting on the bed. She let out a little shriek as I wrapped my arms around her. "Just me, angel," I whispered as she crawled back into me. I sat her on my lap as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Wake you up?" She asked. I sighed and shook my head. "Sorry," She mumbled, holding on tighter. I sighed.

"It's okay, princess," I whispered. She sighed loudly and I rubbed her back. "Why are you up?" I asked. She pulled away and sat back in her bed, frown on her face.

"Everything wrong," She said. I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my legs, hoping her bed could take my weight. She leaned her head on her palms and sighed again. "Wrong, wrong, wrong," She whispered.

"But what's wrong, angel?" I asked. She sighed and looked up at me, throwing her arms in the air.

"Everything!" She exclaimed. I put a finger to my lips and she covered her mouth with her palm. "Room wrong, med wrong, bad dream, everything wrong!" She said, tears in her eyes.

"Awe, princess," I pulled her into my lap and she grabbed onto my t-shirt crying. I rubbed her back and ran my fingers through her hair, holding her close to me. "You want your old room back?" I asked. She nodded into me and I sighed.

"Want my room," The two-year-old mumbled. "Want my bed," She whispered. I sighed.

"You're a big girl now, Alex, you can't sleep in your crib anymore," I whispered. She furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head. I nodded. "Alyssa needs your crib now, you have to sleep on the big girl bed," I told her. She frowned.

"Big girl bed scary, I..." She trailed off, muttering nonsense that I couldn't understand. I sighed and pulled her back to look at me. She wiped at her face and sighed loudly. "I have bad dream," She whispered. I raised my eyebrows.

"What happened, princess?" I asked. She sighed again and crawled back into me, her back against my chest. I stroked her hair and she began to tell me about her bad dream.

I didn't get most of it, but what I did was, something about her bed eating her and a monster in the closet at the foot of her bed and something about Alyssa running away. I sighed, knowing none of those things were possible, but she turned back around with tears in her eyes.

"Scared, daddy," She whispered. I shook my head and squeezed, making her giggle. "Stop," She whined with a smile, pushing my arms away.

"The room's not scary, princess, look at all your teddy bears," I said, pointing to her heap of stuffed animals. She nodded and looked back at me. "Why don't you go get one, hm?" I asked, stifling a yawn. She nodded and hopped off of the bed, running to her pile of stuffies. Grabbing one of the bigger teddy bears, she ran back.

Trying to push herself onto the bed, she whined, struggling to get up. "Daddy, help!" She exclaimed. I chuckled and pulled her up, the bear clutched in her arm. She crawled into the sheets and pulled them up to her chin. I smiled. "Stay?" She asked. I sighed.

"Only for a little bit okay?" I asked. She nodded. I layed stomach first next to her, on top of all the sheets, and wrapped an arm around her. "Okay?" I asked. She nodded and shuffled closer. 

"Night, night," She mumbled. I smiled and kissed her head before the two of us drifted off into sleep.


I pushed myself up at the sound of wailing coming from the nursery. Sighing, I looked back at Alexa, sleeping soundlessly next to me. Crawling off of her bed, I walked into the nursey, Alyssa crying in her crib. I sighed, walking over.

"What's wrong, spud?" I asked, pulling her into my arms. She cried some more, head against my chest. I sighed, walking around the room. "Shh..." I whispered, rocking her in my arms. I held her up for a bit, something that would've normally made her giggle.

"You're gonna wake your mommy up," I whispered, holding her against me. Began to cry harder and I sighed, rocking her in my arms again. "Oh, come on angel, let daddy sleep," I whispered as I went to close the door of the nursery. But just as I was about to, a little figure came running down the hallway. I sighed, opening the door again.

"Daddy!" Alex exclaimed, walking into the nursery. "Why get up?" She asked. I sighed and pointed to Alyssa, who'd calmed down a little.

"Your sister's crying, Lex," I whispered. Alex looked up at Alyssa and sighed. "Why don't you go back to sleep?" I asked. Alex's eyes widened and she shook her head.

"Scary!" She exclaimed. I sighed, moving Alyssa to one arm, bouncing her up and down. "Up!" Alexa asked, raising her arms. I began to shake my head as her face fell. I sighed, picking her up in my other arm and made my over to y/n's rocking chair.

Setting the girls on either of my legs, I leaned back into the chair. Alyssa had finally calmed down, giggling as Alexa making faces at her. "Oh god," I whispered, sighing. Alexa smiled at me as I checked the time on the wall. 4:34.

"Don't cry," Alexa mumbled to Alyssa, reaching over to wipe her sister's tears away. I held them both close to me, resting my head on the back of the chair as they leaned on my chest. "Night, night, daddy," Alexa whispered, fisting my t-shirt.

"Night, night, sweetheart," I mumbled before drifting off to sleep for the third time of night.


AN// hello my loves,, ahhh i waited for the video for such a long time, stupid technical difficulties :( well, i started school and oh god i dont wanna go back at all,, anyway yeah, hence school starting uploads are gonna be slower, im sorry but im trying,, i love writing for my favorite people <3

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