The next day we both woke up around lunch time to sound of Brenda’s melodic voice “Alex honey, Brody wake up it’s time for lunch, I know I’d love me some grand babies now but you guys got to eat!”

We hurriedly got up showered, together obviously and got dressed and head downstairs. The evil stared from Sarah was amongst us as usual but there was someone else at lunch today, Christopher! I was stunned. “Hey Alex how are you?” wait a minute did he just acknowledge me? Huh!

“Chris um hi I’m good what about you?” I replied with a small smile and of course the wicked witch of the west had to pass some comment.

“Ok you’re already screwing my brother please spare my boyfriend ok!”

“Sarah stop being a brat!” Brody scolded her in a stern authorative tone. Ha! That shut her up pretty good!

After lunch Brenda excused herself on a business call and Brody called Sarah aside to speak to her leaving Chris and I alone as I had volunteer to clean up he began helping me clear the dishes. “You know I didn’t get a chance to reply to your question, so yeah I’m also good,” he said in an attempt to make a conversation to kill the booming silence that filled the air.

The question that I wanted to ask him the moment he wrote Liam and I off when he got together with Sarah I took this as the opportunity to ask. “Why did you stop talking to us after you hooked up with her?”

I didn’t realize that tears filled my eyes that moment I asked the question, I missed my best friend so much it hurt. “I’m sorry I hurt you guys like that but Sarah is not that bad of a person, she’s just got some serious jealousy issues, she saw you as a threat to our relationship, Alex I love her so much, there are many times I just want to end it with her and fix my friendship with you and Liam but leaving her is like leaving behind a part of my life, I’m just so sorry but that’s why I came to try and fix things between you both,” he pulled me into a bear hug “The moment she told me you were here I asked if I could come, this is my chance to keep what I have with Sarah and get my best friends back! Please just don’t give up on me.”

We were both in tears at this point but he was in love and despite that fact he chose a girl over us he seemed to be truly in love with her. “It’s ok Chris I’ll forgive you if you promise to help me finish out these dishes.” Once we were done cleaning up we decided to join Sarah and Brody outside.

Suddenly, Chris’s phone began ringing so he told me to go ahead, as I made my way out to the garden I heard yelling “You’re an insensitive bitch you know I’ve liked Alex for as long as I could remember and if you do anything to screw this up for me I’ll let Chris know that his relationship with you started out of vengeance to spite Alex!” that was Brody’s voice. Oh my God does that mean she doesn’t love Chris.

 “Oh shut up Brody I know what I did was wrong but I love Chris with all of my heart now and that’s what matters! At least I wasn’t obsessed over someone, I mean you only knew her first name! Let me guess you still haven’t told Alex your ex girlfriend Emily looked just like her. Do you really care about Alex or is she in turn Emily’s replacement? “

“Listen to me Sarah I’m going to make myself very clear Alex doesn’t need to know about my mistake with Emily ok it’s all in the past and I’d like it to remain there.”

What past did he share with this Emily girl was he in love with her? Was I her replacement?

I began feeling overwhelmed with tears threatening to fall I just snuck off from behind the large bush I was hiding behind and ran to my room. Not paying attention to where I was going I bumped into Chris. “Hey what’s wrong Alex, why do you eyes look like a river about to burst its banks?”

“Chris I think I’m just a look alike replacement to Brody’s ex girlfriend Emily!” I exclaimed and falling apart in tears. We made our way up to my room and I just started throwing my stuff into my suitcase, despite Chris telling me to speak to Brody about things I was to upset and I really couldn’t stand the mere sight of him, I just wanted to go home. I called a cab and in fifteen minutes it arrived I left Brody a note saying I was ok and it was time we said our good bye, I thanked him for the moments I shared with him but it was time that I went back to my life.

Chris kept look out for me incase Brody saw me leaving, I guess he was too busy arguing with Sarah to notice me leaving. As I sat in the cab my heart felt heavy  and broke down I tears, I just handed the driver a piece of paper with my address and he drove me straight home as I wept hysterically, maybe this is what it felt like to be broken hearted.

I paid the cab driver and enter the gate as I walked up my driver I dried my tears and mentally prepared myself to face my father’s wrath. I pressed the doorbell and within seconds it flung open and my step mother wrapped her arms around me, there my dad stood behind her “So you finally decided to return home. Great just great I thought you left for good, I honestly thought that God was being good to me and exiling you from my life and here you are!”

“Dad I’m sorr-“ “Save it Alex go to your room, you’re just lucky I care about my reputation more than you and I didn’t make a public statement that you ran away, vanish from my sight this instant!” he growl at me. I obediently made my way up to my room, I hadn’t felt so alone over the past couple of days with Brody but of course all good things do come to an end.

Hi my loveys so guess what I felt like writing today, I don’t know what came over me so I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I know they broke up but I love happy endings so have no fear this is just where things are going to get juicy so until my next update I love love love you all!! This chapter is dedicated to every single one of my amazing readers


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