Chapter 7-Pidge

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Chapter 7


Wynter's POV

I glance at Carver from the corner of my eyes. He's a freaking God! I thought that Cortez was a sight to see and no offense to him but he's nothing compared to his older brother. My eyes fall to his muscular arms that are completely covered in tattoos. His t-shirt is tight but not too tight, perfect to show off his broad shoulders and hard chest. I discreetly wipe my chin and thank God I'm not drooling.

"So Wynter, tell me about yourself." He says suddenly making my eyes snap up to his. He raises a brow while sipping on his Coke.

I swallow nervously and look at the table. "Um, there isn't much to know."

"He's a great guitar player!" Callum says with a bright smile.

"He's a genius in math." Cortez says before taking a bite of the pepperoni pizza.

"Um, well I guess so." I say and feel my face turning red.

Carver smiles brightly and I swear my heart just skipped a beat. "Well that's something to know. I suck ass at math and always had. I can play guitar but prefer the piano and singing. Do you like sports?"

"Um, well I do-" I stumble before getting cut off.

"Cortez if you don't leave now you're going to be late for practice." A boy with a varsity jacket, I think his name is Jacob, says while stopping at the table.

"Shit you're right! Can you give me a lift? My car wouldn't start and I don't want to rush my brothers." He says quickly before stuffing the rest of the pizza in his mouth.

"ME TOO! I forgot my science homework and I need to study for a test. I can just stay at your practice." Callum says while winking at me.

I frown in confusion as the three rushes out to pizzeria after giving us winks and smirks. My body suddenly reacts to Carver being so close. It didn't seem so close when Cortez and Callum were here. I glance up and find him watching me intensely with his dark brown eyes. They are so different from Callum and Cortez bright green eyes but I have to say they are way better.

"Um, uh sooo." I stutter before clearing my throat.

He chuckles and leans back before throwing his arm over the booth. "Don't be nervous Wynter, I won't hurt you."

"Why are you still here?" I blurt out suddenly.

"What do you mean?" He asks confused with furrowed brows.

"Um, well, uh your brothers are gone. I'm sure you have things to do so you can take me home." I ramble and quickly stand up.

He shouldn't waste his time on me. I'm nobody, a monster, a murderer. He's like a God, I'm sure he has a gorgeous girlfriend waiting for him. For some reason my heart drops into my stomach. That makes no sense though I have only known this guy for like an hour. I gasp when he grabs my hand and those familiar shocks go shooting through my body. 

"I'm in no rush Wynter. Take a seat and relax, eat your pizza." He says with a nervous smile.

I slowly lower myself back onto the seat. I see him relax in the corner of my eye when in grab another slice of pizza. This has to be the best pizza I have ever had! Not that I ever really ate pizza. Mother doesn't order it and when daddy was alive she said it wasn't healthy for a little kid to eat too much pizza. The pizza at school looked nasty and that something bad coming from a kid that would eat anything.

"So um, how do you like the new school? Everyone is being nice and respectful right?" He asks with a small frown.

"Yes everyone is nice. I like it a lot better than my old school." I say before internally wincing. Why did I say that?

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