Chapter 16

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Annabeths PoV
Day 1 in London:
We were all awake and went to the kitchen. Where servants and maids were rushing around us. 8 plates and cups were on the table, each cup filled with orange juice, bacon and eggs on the plate. As for Piper who was vegetarian, she had pancakes. We all rushed to our spots and ate our food before going to our rooms and getting ready.

After we got dressed we walked outside. "Horse riding first!" Piper squealed as she raced down the road to where the shops were. We didn't even know where we were or what we were doing. But Piper apparently did. As we followed her we found a bike rent store. 8 days of rent we decided because that's how long we were staying here.

That's the bike but in different colours

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That's the bike but in different colours.

Calypso got a white one, I had a light blue one, Piper had a light pink one. Hazels was yellow. Thalia's was black. Reynas was purple. Wanda's was red. Natasha's was brown. We got onto them and rode down the road where we saw multiple shops and cafes. Piper stopped at a big elegant farm with multiple horses grazing. "When I was 13 and still had Shine, my mum brought me to London with her. This is where I rode." She explained. We left our bikes chained up at the gate before heading through the gate which held a large home with stables. Piper knocked on the door and a man opened it. "Piper?" He asked, shocked. Piper smiled. "Uncle Gilbert." She said softly as they hugged.

"So you want to borrow the horses just for a ride? Of course! Come on." With that we walked outside to where many horses grazed. A black stallion was closest and sniffed the air. Turning, he glared at Thalia. I think he thought of her as a threat because of the power radiating from her. "Ahh. Rolo. The main man here. Ignore him. He thinks he's the boss." The old man chuckled as Rolo glared at all of us. Gilbert walked towards a gelding near by. He was a large white male. His hair was trimmed evenly. "Meet Scorpio." Reynas breath caught in her throat, it sounded just like her old Pegasus' name. Scipio. The male turned slightly and caught Reynas eye before walking slowly towards her and holding his head towards her, nudging in her direction. "Scorpio, Reyna. Reyna, Scorpio." One woman and horse down, 7 more to go. "Ahh, Rosie." Gilbert said, wondering near a chestnut laying down. "Perfect for beginners." He said turning around. Calypso stepped forward immediately, "that'd be me." She said hesitantly as the horse was led by Gilbert over to her. 2 down. A few more to go. I gasped slightly as I turned around to be met with brown eyes that belonged to Arion. Well, Hazel had her horse, I'll change that to 5 more to go.

Thalia turned around, cracking her knuckles, "alright, this horse is getting on my nerves." She waltzed up to Rolo who was staring at her. "Listen here horsey-" suddenly Rolo reared and Thalia stumbles back. "Oh that's it!" But Thalia couldn't finish as a girl who looked African ran up to them. "Rolo, calm down!" She said to the angered horse, who immediately calmed down and nuzzled his head into her hand. She turned around and stuck her hand out to Thalia. "Cameron at your service. You might be?" We introduced ourselves to her.

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