Episode 57

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I didn't want them to worry, but I'd been on edge the last few days

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I didn't want them to worry, but I'd been on edge the last few days. I was nauseous. It felt like the walls were closing in on me. Like there were thousands of eyes on me. Even in my hammock, I never quite felt better.

The eyes either wanted my key or looked down on me for losing my key. What else would they do? Without it, I was just a kid who depended on his family for everything.

Without my key, I was a nobody. I was... I was expendable.

Cyan came out to find me in my hammock. "You should come with us. We're going to the park. Your brother said he wanted to come, too."

I turned my back to her. "No thanks..."

"Alastair." There was a heavy air around her. "You're doing it again."

"I'm not doing anything..."

Cyan made me look at her. Her eyes were clouded over. "Stop it... I'm not letting you do this to yourself again."

"How can I do something when I'm not doing anything?"

Cyan sighed. "Go change."

"Why? I'm not even wearing En's clothes."

I couldn't either. All the clothes of his I had were in the wash right now and I didn't feel like doing any laundry.

She took a long breath. "How can you not feel like pot roast in the oven dressed like that?"

"Cuz I'm not hot."

Del poked his head outside. "Did you know you got a stain on the back of your shirt?"

Cyan rolled her eyes.

Del got red. "I forgot to mention it. I needed a cold shower really badly."

"Okay, okay..."

That was a good reason to change, so I did.

Cyan and Del whispered back and forth for a few seconds when I walked into the living room. Cole just sighed at them and gave me a smile.

"You should go by yourselves," I said.

"Alastair." She put a hand on my shoulder. "You didn't want us to, but we noticed. You need a change of scenery."

"What makes you think that?" I cocked my head to the side. "Cuz you think Honey has glued herself to me more than she usually does?"

Del put his arms around me. "Star, I've been there from the beginning. I've known you nearly ten years. I've seen a lot since then."

I didn't wanna fight with Del. That was why I went. I wanted to stay home.

Cyan and Cole laid out picnic blankets when we got there. Cole set down the basket. "You two can enjoy the fresh air if you want. I don't know about Cy, but I'm starving."

Wow... That was a pretty jerky thing for Cole to say...

I turned my back to everyone. Since she came, too, Honey curled up next to me. Having the sun in my face wasn't fun. They didn't seem to even mind.

There was a hand on my back.

"Del," I said, "this isn't helping. I don't feel good."

Del cracked open a can of soda and set it in front of me. "Just take a sip of it, alright?"

I did it cuz Del asked me to.

"Where did you get that?" they asked.

I felt Del roll his eyes. "Ame has pockets of everything, and you keep a shower in your watch, and you're asking why I had a soda in my pocket?"

Their question was pretty ridiculous when Del put it like that...

I laughed inside. I could feel the uncomfortableness coming off their bodies.

The pit in my stomach left me alone after that, but only for a few minutes. It came back with a vengeance.

"Star... Look at me." Del laid down on my other side. "It's alright. Nothing is gonna happen. Not when we're all right here."

I had tears in my eyes. "You don't know that."

Cyan put her hand over mine, the one that had the birthmark. "We'll protect you. Just like you protected us."

"H-how could even m-manage that?" I asked. "You don't even have powers."

Cyan cracked a smile. "Never underestimate an angry lady with a broom."

Cole turned his head. "You'll regret it..."

"I'm not going anywhere." Del ran his hand across my back. "I still have my powers."

"I can't involve you... I couldn't protect you before..."

Ame appeared in front of us. "You seem to be forgetting about me, Alastair."

Cyan and Cole jumped. Del and I didn't even blink.

I lowered my eyes. "I know that you're trying to step up your game and all, but I rather you stay here and watch over Honey, Cyan, and the others. One of those locks might try to kidnap them while I'm gone."

"Alastair." Ame made me look her in the eye. "You can't do this without me, and you know it." She turned her head. "Something broke inside of me when I lost Missy. I can't even imagine what would happen if I lost you, too."

Honey nuzzled my side.

"What should we do about them?" Del asked. "We're gonna have to face them eventually."

Ame sighed. "We should figure out where their home base is. It'd be best to not let ourselves be blindsided a second time."

"And how do you suggest we do that?"

"You, Alastair, and I should sneak into the base where they kept you and poke around for clues."

My voice cracked. "Are you out of your mind, Amethyst? I'm sure as heck never going there again!"

I vomited in the grass in front of me.

"We'll be okay." Del pulled me closer so I could listen to his heartbeat.

She put a hand on my shoulder. "You need to face your fear. You'll feel better after you do. Even if it is only a little bit."

Cyan sighed. "I don't like the sound of this..."

Ame shrugged. "We have to do something." She turned to my brother and I. "The sixteenth?"

"That works," Del said.

I nodded my affirmation.


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