Chapter 14 I Warned You

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Chapter 14

I Warned You

Zack's POV

I had sensed something else, something powerful. I sensed it right before the shaking and rumbling.

I ran into my sisters room, but was too late. She was gone, and i know exactly who took her.

I can't believe Jackie would go this far just to see me dead. Even after I warned her what I would do.

I slammed my fist into the wall, causing the whole room to vibrate and shudder., Jackie.

I teleported to the main gate and threw open the doors.

Azazel and Astaroth soon appeared at my side. I guess dear old dad told them to escort me so I wouldn't do anything stupid.

"I need to do this alone." I told them. Azazel shook his head no, with a sad smile.

"She might've been your sister. But she is our family." Astaroth said.

"Not to mention my daughter." Abaddon said. Then Lucifer sighed as he walked in.

"You guys are my family as is Alexia. And we protect family." Dad said.

I nodded and stepped through the gate.

We instantly appeared in New York.

We sat on a random bench and began to meditate to pinpoint Alexia location.

After about five minuets we found it.

I shot off the ground and soared into the sky. My kick off created a massive crater. I soon felt a massive sonic boom as the rest of my family flew next to me.

We soon broke through the clouds, and I felt a massive wave pure goodness, but then it turned into darkness.

I herd a trumpet and saw a wall of gold light.

"Here come the Angels." Dad said grimly.

I drew my sword and pistol. But before I even did anything a massive wave of darkness obliterated 50% of the Angels.

I looked back at my father and he motioned towards with his head.

"Go, we got the rest of them." Dad shouted.

"But..." I began.

"Go my son, rescue your sister. Don't worry about us." Dad said, his voice contained a unbelievable amount of pride.

I nodded and soared into the heavens.

I smashed through the golden gate. I easily spotted my sister in golden chains.

"Zack please go, I'm not worth it. I couldn't live with myself if i knew I was responsible for your death." Alexia yelled.

"I'm sorry, but your brothers fate was sealed the moment he was born." Jackie said as she walked in. She was holding a sword that was as gold as the sun. "Zack I warned you not to fight us." Jackie cooed.

I threw my gun on the ground.

"And I told you to leave me and my family alone." I hissed.

We circled each other for a minuet then clashed. We fought with ferocious amounts of power. I struck and she countered, then she struck and I countered. We were going so fast only high ranking entities could see us. Not to mention how equally skilled we were.

I was actually enjoying this fight, I finally found a challenging opponent.

"Stop!" A voice boomed and we did. I turned to see a tall man in flaming blue armor holding a knife to Alexia's throat. "Zack Runner you will lay down your weapons and allow yourself to die or I will kill your sister." The man said.

"Zack don't do it." Alexia shouted but was quickly silenced.

"I'm sorry Alexia, but I love you too much to risk your life." I said and laid down my sword. "You'll have to kill me standing, because I will never kneel to you monsters." I spat and Jackie nodded sadly.

"Any last words?" She asked.

"As a matter a fact, yes. I might be evil, and you might be good. But I've got something that makes me stronger than any of you." I said.

"and what's that?" The man asked.

"Love and pride in my family. And remember this, the only reason in existence I'm allowing you to kill me. Is because I love my family too damn much to risk their lives for mine." I said with a pride.

Jackie looked down sadly at me. She slowly raised her sword, and I closed my eyes.

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