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The two boys immediately returned back to their normal schedules once they returned from the marketplace to the palace; the work Taehyung skived off to spend time with the Prince had finally caught up on him, hence why he found himself being piled underneath mounds of endless work which he was expected to complete. It wasn't only Jennie he was tending to, but Hoseok too, since the royals were unable to bring all the servants across the country.

Meanwhile, Jungkook resumed watching over the training for the knights with Yoongi each day for hours on end as well as actively attempting to avoid his Father, due to the fact he was very much aware of how King Jeon would force him to address the topic of Jennie. Internally, Jungkook was quite surprised at how successfully he'd managed to steer clear away from the Princess. He'd only conversed with her a few times, to which the conversations had been extremely forced and awkward. There was no doubt she knew the Prince wanted absolutely nothing to do with her, since he managed to shoot her icy glares at every opportunity he got. Despite sometimes feeling slightly guilty at how he treated her, he realised it was necessary as he still clung onto the hope that the future marriage would be called off if Jennie Kim understood how Jungkook was anything but attracted to her.

"Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you?' Yoongi asked pointedly, staring at his brother with an expression of sheer judgement.

"What, you jerk?' Jungkook shot back, returning his glare with a look of equal aggressiveness. "I haven't even said anything."

"You've literally been smiling at nothing for the past hour. What's happened to my aggressive little brother? Has he died?" the elder continued to tease, poking Jungkook in the side of his hips lightly.

The younger waved him off, shoving him away as he turned his gaze upon the evidently puffed out knights in front of them, who continued to brandish swords at each other. He'd been standing with Yoongi for the past hour, not realising that his thoughts were primarily focused on the blue-haired boy, hence why his brother had noticed the wide-spread smile creeping up his face.

"This hasn't come from me," Yoongi piped up a few seconds later, sending his brother a knowing look. "But I might've heard from Jimin that Taehyung may have been complaining about not seeing you lately."

Jungkook whipped around to look at the elder, his brows raised in suspicion. "Really, Yoongs. You aren't funny."

"Who said I was lying? It's your loss if you don't believe me."

Jungkook would be lying if he said his heart didn't flutter at what his brother said. In fact, he felt a feeling of pure elation at the mere thought of imagining Taehyung sulking over missing him. He felt slightly disheartened over being unable to see the boy for the past two days. Their trip to the market had been the best time Jungkook had experienced out of the castle. Nothing could beat the sheer happiness he felt over noting how excited Taehyung appeared once the Prince handed him over the red peonies he'd been doting over.

Therefore, once practice finished and the knights trudged back inside to change into their usual attire, Jungkook paced into the palace quickly, deciding to find the boy whom he'd missed extremely dearly.


Taehyung, on the other hand, had just finished tidying up Hoseok's room. The sweat dripping down his flushed face proved to be never-ending, since the Prince appeared to treat his room similar to a pigsty. The endless clothes strewn over every inch of the room seemed to be reappearing, as each time the servant turned away to fold more of Hoseok's array of shirts and trousers, he'd notice another pair of dirty laundry somewhere else which needed to be removed.

Taking a short breath, Taehyung leaned against the bedpost, running his fingers through his blue strands of hair. He could feel the back of his neck pricking up in discomfort, due to the unbearable sweltering heat which circulated around the room. The fact it was summer in South Korea didn't help the boy in slightest, as the temperature was far too high for his own liking.

However, Taehyung was quickly broken out of his thoughts by the sound of the bedroom door opening, revealing Hoseok who immediately noticed the familiar sight of his sister's servant boy standing in the centre of the room.

"Taehyungie!" he exclaimed, evidently pleased to have run into the younger. "I didn't realise you'd still be here. Aren't you tired?" he asked, since he'd left the boy in his room a few hours prior, expecting him to have finished his work within sixty minutes.

"No, hyung. I'm fine, really. I'm almost done anyway."

Hoseok gave the boy a warm smile, before stepping over towards him, his eyes lingering against Taehyung's face for a few more seconds than expected. Yet, the younger thought nothing of it, as he only let out a baited breath, giving the Prince a polite bow.

"I should probably get back to working. I haven't even started on-"

"Taehyung-ah. I need to talk to you about something,' Hoseok interrupted, biting his bottom lip as he did so. He gave the shorter male a look of slight uncertainty, although the curious nod from Taehyung prompted him to continue.

"I don't know how to say this exactly.. but there's been something I've been wanting to do for a long time," the boy confessed, visibly gulping as he took yet another step towards the blue-haired. Taehyung noticed this, causing him to feel slightly on edge at the close proximity between the two boys. He tried taking a step backwards, before realising he'd been leaning against the bedpost earlier, preventing him from doing so.

"Wanting to do what?" he asked softly, his large, brown eyes fixating upon the flush creeping up Hoseok's pale cheeks.


And with that, Hoseok placed his hand at the back of Taehyung's neck, pulling the boy closer to him before pressing his own lips firmly against the servant's mouth. He didn't think twice of how the younger felt, instead he closed his eyes, convincing himself that the boy must be wanting to kiss him back, seeing how he didn't push away.

Yet, in reality, Taehyung was far too shocked to do anything. He felt as if the weight in each of his bones had tripled, weighing him down as it prevented him from moving in the slightest. In fact, the only thing he managed to do was stay in one place, not quite moving his lips to the rhythm of Hoseok's mouth. His mind went purely blank, since being so caught off guard he couldn't even process reality in that very moment.

However little did he know that if he turned his gaze to the right, Taehyung would have noticed the familiar figure of a certain raven-haired boy who stood outside the door; shell-shocked. Jungkook couldnt believe the scene unfolding before his eyes, yet instead of remaining there and watching the boy whom he'd practically give almost everything for kissing another man, Jungkook fled from where he was, wanting to be absolutely anywhere but near Taehyung in that very moment.

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