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The first one to apologize is the Bravest.
The first one to forgive is the Strongest.
The first one to forget is the Happiest.

Akira's pov

Today, we are returning back to Delhi and I have decided to apologize to Mr. Rathore before leaving for my misbehavior. I am nervous, but this is it was my fault that I lashed out on him.... Dad is right, he just wanted to help!

I took steps towards the reception....and I saw Smriti alone with Kiyara....but I couldn't see Mr. Rathore....where was he!?!

Looking for me Beautiful!
I jerked up only to collide with Rohit.
Gosh! You scared me! - I said

He chuckled and said - If you are looking for a certain some Rathore, then I have to inform, he already left!

What... Why... I mean.... Smriti is here... Even Kiyara... How could he.... I was blabbering...

Well he could! And he Left! Isn't this what you wanted!?! - it was Smriti

She had a very weird look of;  displease...!?!

Rohit said in a warning tone - Smriti!

Don't Smriti me, Rohit Bhai! She deserves this! - Smriti said angrily

It's ok Rohit! I can understand her anger.
Smriti, I sorry for my misbehavior... I wanted to apologize to your brother also... But I guess, he doesn't even want to see me! Anyways! I... I... Will just leave! - I said and started to walk away

You know you can always apologize... He is just a phone call away! - I heard Smriti saying

Yes, I can... But sometimes, we must talk in person! I hurt him bad! L- I felt guilty

While I was walking away, I felt a heavy weight on my heart.... I did not want this trip to end like this!

Why are you even surprised!
Don't you know, you are not best of friends with Happiness!?!
My innerself mocked on my misery!

After two Weeks

Can't you people handle such a petty issue! Why do I even hire you guys, if I have to do everything on my own! Vikram was shouting on his employees! These last two weeks has been ridiculously tiring for him. He was working on a new luxury Hotel Construction project and it was too occupying for him.
But right now, there was another problem with his textile production unit. A huge Bulk order was rejected and sent back to his company by his Italian clients as the fabric lacked the proper placements of the motifs. It was not production friendly and now the entire design team was being grinded by Vikram. For him, the quality was the top most priority! And the clients were not happy about the design defects and they wanted a complete re-do!
Money involved in the production was not an issue for Vikram but the damage on their reputation was a set back for him.

His Secretary Manik knocked and said - Sir, there is a Miss here, waiting outside your cabin...who wants to meet you! And she says it's important!

Manik, how many times have i told you not to entertain any lady? Can't you see, I am busy here! And besides, i don't want to know, what's her urgency!
Get the Fuck out of here! - he yelled

Umm... Sir, she says, she is friends with your family! - Manik Stammered

Friends with my family! I see! Send her in! I guess I have to set an example for these attention seeking ladies! - Vikram gritted his teeth!

He turned his chair and sat and looked deep into his files while his team was trying to work on the designs in a corner. He did not want to scare a Lady just yet without knowing the motives!

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