chapter 17: provolone cheese

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i just wanna thank u guys for 1K reads and 44 followers thank you so much for existing to read my garbage <3 (its actually 46 now but i wrote 44 for the jojo reference <3)


flashback time:
"hey what do u guys think human meat tastes like???" mista asked. "oh shut the fuck up and eat outside you dog." narancia said. "no no listen to me guys u gotta hear me out. animals like cows, chickens, and pigs taste good because they eat green stuff and animals that eat meat taste like shit so that means that humans taste like absoulte garbage." mista said. "that is very convincing ngl." abbacchio said. "but i eat more green stuff than meat." narancia said. "then u might actually taste good 👁👅👁." mista said. "stfu virgin." fugo said. "im not a virgin u fucking christian." mista said.

"how do u know if im christian or not????"

"cuz ur wearing holes which means ur holy."

"holy fuck."

"no swearing fugo there's a 5 year old next to you."

"he's 17 u retard. can u even count bro ???"


then bucciarati walked in late. "hey momym owo." narancia said. "hi my favorite child how are u??" bucci asked his favorite child narancia ghirga. "hey bucciarati u have a guest waiting 4 u." fugo said. "nani 4????" mista said. "4 isn't even a real number shut the fuck up." narancia said. "it is a fuckign number you dumb illiterate fuck and its bad luck." mista said. "im gona fuckign stab u. its not a real number you just have schizophrenia." narancia said. "i dont have schizophrenia idoit." mista said. "now now stop it both of u. no one will ever harm my favorite child." bucci mommy intervened. fugo helped the visitor up and it was a floorist said. "hi bucciarati im a flourist and i make floors." the fourist said. "i thought florists made flowers and not floors." narancia said. "narancia who taught you this???" fugo asked. "you." narancia replied honestly.

"bucci pls hear me out i need u to find sumthing out. so my daughter started dating this weird rolling stones fan and he was a sclupter and he believed in democracy. one day my daughter jumped off a building with a rock he made and she died. i got the law and government invlovrd but they ruled it out as soewr saide but one thing they did not know is that her family knew she woudl never eevrr commit die." the fourist said. "do u pay your taxes?" bucciarati mommy aske. "hahaha that's a stupid question mommy bruno he's not yoshi." narancia laughed. "that's right i pay my taxes on time i want to avenge my daughter heres my moneys." the florist said. "ok y'know what. im gonna look into this 4 u because if the law and government didnt find the truth then me and my dumbass children will." bucciarati said heroically. "thank u so much bucciarati omg ilysm." he said. "ok thats to close 4 cumfort." bucci said.

"hey y'know the word comfort?" mista said. "fuck you." abbachio said. "if u remove the f o r t you get com which sounds like cum hahaha." mista said.

"hey y'know the word comfort?" narancia said. "fuck you too." abbacchio said. "if u remove the com u get fort as in fortnite hahha." narancia said and was stabbed with a fork.

"hey y'know the word comfort?" fugo said. "fuck you as well." abbacchio said. "if u remove everything and add an s, an h, 2 u's, a t, and a p. you get shut up." fugo said. "shuutp." narancia said. he was stabbed again with a fork.

"hey y'know the word comfort?" abbacchio said. "if u remove the com and t u get for which sounds like ur favorite number four." abbacchio said. "fuck you." mista said and stood up ready to punch abbacchio in the pp for his blasphemous actions but then he knocked over a rock. mista just looked at it. it had the number 4 on it. "fuck." he muttered to himself. "hey mista did you lay this rock?" abbacchio asked making a reference to the kakyoin did u lay this egg meme. "what the fuck's a rock." mista stated.

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