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Keira's eyes snapped open at once.

To her surprise, she was still alive. For now, something told her as she let out a sigh. The second she took the chance to see where she was, her mind recoiled. Sand. Her eyebrows raised farther as she took in the scenery around her. Why was there sand everywhere? Did she land on a beach or something? But she was with Lex-no!

Everything hit her like a train wreck.

The call she got in the morning, her ramming a shovel in her mother's head, the accidental touch that drowned her into the dark abyss. She remembered everything.

She was also reminded of how awfully trapped she was in her own mind.

"Hello, Keira. My beautiful daughter who hates me. And this is why I'm sorry to say that I had to do this. I had to trap you in a mirror. Just like I was for centuries." Hearing a new voice, she whirled around to see Keisha, well what looked like Keira dressed in black shorts and a shirt, with a jacket around the shoulder. Even her hair was perfectly styled like Keira used to do.

No wonder she passed as Keira so easily back there.

"Y-You trapped me in a mirror?" She wanted to yell out. Shout. Or do something worse. But she was still shocked. Why her?

Where did Keisha even found a mirror? What was this place?

"I only trapped your soul in a mirror." Keisha corrected her with a grin, much to Keira's distaste. "But I'm still in your body. That's the only leverage I can find now. They can't hurt me physically because of your body." 

"But they can destroy your soul. You're a Reaper just like me. I know everything. Lex and Dalton have told me everything you have done to them. Everything they lost because of you...even the baby." Keisha's eyes widened for a second before she turned her back on Keira. That look on Dalton's face when he told her that he lost his child made Keira blurt out everything she was trying to hide.

"Why did you have to leave him? How can you-how can anyone leave him? After everything!"

"Which one?" Keisha had the grace to laugh. "Cause I'm sure I was with both of them at some point."

Disgusted, Keira shook her head to clear it. Her mind was clouded with anger and anger could very much trigger her to do something she didn't want to. Like, finish the whole human race. So she had to be calm to plan a way to get out of here. Even if she had to mimic Lex when she knew him as only Darkness. 

"What do you want from me?" Keira asked with a tone as if they were discussing the weather. "Why am I here?"

"I will answer all of your questions but first tell me this, did they tell you the real reason they are helping you?" Keisha sounded so worried that if she didn't have that odd glint in her eyes, Keira would actually believe her. What was her game anyway? "I mean, did they told you about the prophecy? Or how it ends?"

"No. But whatever it is, it can't be worse than you." Keira knew what her mother was doing. She was trying to plant a seed of doubt in her mind. But, this time it won't work. The worry, the caring tone in Keisha's voice was meant to only lure Keira to do her binding. Just as she did with Hannah. Her one mistake cost her mentor's life. Keira could still picture Hannah's numb face when she went to sleep every night. Every time she saw a mirror, it's walking reminder that her mentor was gone and she's not coming back.

"Oh please." Keisha scoffed as if Keira should know better. "They wanted your pure soul, nothing else. Do you know how powerful you are with that soul and the Reaper gene altogether? People would kill to be you." 

Keisha's sick grin had Keira double over in laughter. As if she didn't know that. Didn't everyone want that? The Red clan, Lex, and now her mother. Everyone was after her for that Godforsaken soul which seemed to bring more evil in the world than good.

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