Chapter 11

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(Vincenzo's P.O.V)

"I'm so pissed that her grandfather had to cause a scene infront of her. I mean who can tell me what to do with my wife. No one takes her from me. I should fucking put a bullet between his eyes for taking my wife and my child." I yell at my best friend. "You need to calm down. She would hate you if you hurt her loved ones." Caleb says. "Yeah yeah yeah she can deal with it. Besides I love it when she is fiesty she is so sexy. By the way did you see that guard of hers the way he looked at her as if she was the meaning of life. He looked at her like I do." I spoke. "Speaking of her being sexy did you see her today?" I asked. He nods his head yes. "I've never seen a women who can look sexy and beautiful at the same time." I stated.

"That and she was pregnant on top of it and yet so graceful. I mean she is a rare one she is no wonder that guard is madly in love with her." He spoke and as he did I felt a little bit of jealousy and had to remind myself that he is like my brother. "She is so gorgeous and did you see how big her belly got? Did I tell you that we are having a boy?" I asked. "Yeah man let's just hope he takes after his mother and only gets your way with women." He says laughing. "Fuck you, I'm sexy as fuck. I'm hot and my wife is drop dead gorgeous so our children are going to be unbelievably beautiful." I say. "Children? So you plan to have more then one?" Caleb asks. "Hell yes, cause that means the more I can get in between those thighs." I smile. "First you got to get her Grandfather on your side. Then past that guard who is also trying to get in between those thighs." He laughs. This fucking man makes me want to kill everyone.

Thankfully night falls and I call my Athena. "Hello." She whispers. "Good evening my love. How are you feeling?" I ask. "I'm tired but okay. Where are you?" She replies a little whinny. "Why? Do you miss me already darling? Is your pretty kitty meowing for its owner?" I smirk. "Yes... I mean no.... my Grandfather wants you gone so I wouldn't get your hope's up about tomorrow's meeting." Athena spoke.

"See baby your forgetting I can be very persuasive. I mean you should know I persuaded you to give me that paradise you call a pussy on our first official date." I said with a smirk knowing that she was probably blushing.

"Speaking of which have you been petting my kitty lately?" I ask. "Ew.. shut up. No I have not and will not ladies dont do that." She replies. "Yes they do. The most graceful ladies even rub one out. Come on try it right now." I say laughing at her Innocence. "Just stop." She says. "Listen, please do this for me and let me hear you. I need a release so bad." I say. "I cant I dont know what to do and I'd feel stupid. Cant you just come to me?" She asks. "I would but I doubt your Grandfather's guards would let me in." I say. "You can always come in through the secret passage. No one knows about that except me. It leads right to my closet." She explains. "Why did you not say that in the beginning of this call?" I say.

Finally pulling onto a dirt road that Athena had directed me to I feel the closer I get to the little cabin the more my excitement elevates. I cant wait to see her and hold her. Finally I see the cabin in a distance. 'This is probably going to get me killed.... but if I die while in between her thighs I'd die happily.' I thought to myself.

I pull up to the cabin and go to the door. There is a key right along the door frame up top just like she said. Opening the door I step in and close the door behind me locking it. Looking around it looks like a vacant old shack that has been long forgotten. Finding the master bedroom and its closet I find the secret door. As I push on it and watch it open I see the dark tunnel cover in cobwebs. 'The shit I do for this woman.' I think.

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