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Isekiel would only smile at my words.

I would’ve talked back to him if he talked back at me but I couldn’t, seeing him just smiling like that.

Acl, he annoys me!

“White dog junior……”

“Pardon me?”

Isekiel replied to the words I spoke out of consciousness.

It’s fine as long as you didn’t hear that. You cheap small white dog! My impression on Isekiel had changed, and I judged him again.

“Now that I see, sir is very similar to your father in a lot of ways.”

However, I didn’t know what expression I held that Isekiel showed panicked and confused face.

…...Was my expression that rotten?

“I apologize.”

Isekiel and I both succeeded in controlling our expression at the same time.

Even so, I was still staring at him showing my unpleasant feeling clearly, and Isekiel was showing me his apologetic face as if my facial expression before gave some effect on Isekiel.

“I apologize for my rudeness today, princess. The fact that I laid a foot on princess’ private area without permission, and the fact that I talked back rudely at princess. They’re all my fault and I’d take any punishments princess gives me without complaints.”

I started having this weird feeling in me again as his sincere apology. To be honest, I wasn’t going to punish him in the first place.

“You shouldn’t get lost again in this place. We’re going to be high on security next time around.”

I decided not to tell Isekiel that his body’s going to torn into pieces when he apporaches me with bad intentions. Kuuuuck. That Claude’s magic, even more scarier than the main character’s cheat.

“I already know. I also thought that this kind of one-in-a-heaven-amount miracle wouldn’t happen again.”

One-in-a-heaven-amount miracle? On what? That you were able to see the books and the library so easily do to the weak security?

And I had to inhale in surprise at his next whispering words.

“I came here without my wills, holding a doubt, but the person I wanted to see badly actually appeared in front of my eyes.”

Gasp. I cancel the words I said before. Isekiel’s male lead power has been used! The effect was great!

I couldn’t move a muscle at the moment our gazes met. That small moment seemed so long, as if the time has stopped flowing.

“If it’s not rude to do.”

The sound of a low male voice, echoed in the silent space. 

“May I come closer?”

I didn’t know what do say at the moment. Should I give permission or not. This was a situation I’ve never once faced before. Isekiel, he didn’t wait for my answer as he slowly started approaching me.

“Sir, you’ve already acted rude enough for today.”

Just then, a voice was heard from my back, answering the question for me. Isekiel’s gaze was already moved to the person who spoke with a cold tone. I already knew who it was even if I didn’t turn around to see.

“The princess wouldn’t give sir the permission so I ask you to stop moving.”

It was Lucas who was cosplaying as a handsome young genius wizard, because he was facing Isekiel.

I heard the footstep sound stop from behind. Surprised at the amazing timing he appeared at as I slightly turned my head.

“Is he the wizard from the tower.”

Isekiel muttered, knowing what Lucas was wearing was the clothes only the royal wizards wear. 

I also had a question of my own about Lucas. It’s great that he appeared at such timing, but it’s rare for Lucas with such personality to meddle in.

“Reveal your identity.”

“Already belonging within the royal grounds, I have absolutely no reason to follow your commands as long as it’s not from his majesty the emperor or her highness the princess giving you such orders.” 

Lucas was dealing with Isekiel, not losing a word. Isekiel’s eyes narrowed at Lucas’ answer.

It was then when a sudden realization hit me.

Ah! Now that I see, is this the fight between the soft charisma and the lonely wolf?!

“Sir, you have already broken the rules and has acted improper to the princess. However since the princess was being merciful and wouldn’t punish you for it, it would be the best if you take your leave now.”

“You speaking as if you’re the innocent one. Do you have the rights to enter the place without princess’ permissions?”

If the ladies who attended to my party would see this, this would be the scene where they would squeal at with their eyes sparkling.

It’s a situation where they’ll choose a side and cheer ‘You can do it!’. And if you have the light stick as well with popcorn…. That’d be awesome!

Anyways, Lucas didn’t lose a word but Isekiel didn’t seem to back down either. He only showed his flowery spring moments to me, but seeing this made me realize he could be like this, too.

Didn’t what he just say mean ‘Same goes for you, know your place.’?

When Isekiel said that, it looked quite pressuring and graceful. Soft charisma! Milky Isekiel! Hmm hmm. I don’t think I can side with Isekiel anymore though.

“Then do you have the rights to ask that question to me in this situation?”

I took a step towards them after Lucas’ sort-of-polite, yet spiteful sentence.

“Stop it, Lucas.”

Lucas then stopped talking as he bowed to me. Look at you, making sure I don’t lose my face in front of others. I still can’t get used to this side of Lucas.


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