They have a affair and others knew about it

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You had thought you found your Prince Charming, when you meet your husbands at a family business party. Soon after that your found, out his dark secret at he was a mafia boss. You and decided to stay by his side knowing you love him to death.

All of them

Your daughter Bella  had helped you make some box lunches, for your husbands today you had remembered they left the house early without having breakfast. You also knew all the restaurants near the place of business where, closed for the holiday so you and your daughter came up with plan to having a panic with them at the garden.

Bella " I can't wait to show daddies the cookies I made for them"

Y/n " they are going to love them baby girl"

Bell " hey mommy's is that grandpa and uncles cars over their" you looked to where Bella was pointing to see your father and brothers cars, in the parking lot of your husband headquarters.

Y/n " well yes it but it good we made more food, so now are can have a whole family picnic"

Bella" yeah" you and Bella soon walked into the building to, soon be stoped my your fathers bodyguards and your husband bodyguards.

Y/n " what going on here"

Bodyguards " nothing miss just a important...." just then you saw your older brother Thomas, walking over to you in a hurry he must of know you were here.

Thomas " hey baby sister and my favorite niece"

Bella " hey uncle Thomas do you know daddies are we are here to visit them"

Thomas " there are not here...." just the you saw and lady run straight out of your husbands office, half way dressed you had covered belle eyes. That when it knew what was really going on, you told bell to stay there well you deal with something.

Y/n father " you lied to all of us your promised to end this affair with that women"

Y/n " what affair " soon everyone is looking at you, and that at moment you are angry and hurt.

Jin " y/n let us explain...."

Y/n " shut up Jin I don't give a damm of what you have to say"

Jimin " we are sorry we were going to end it, after bell was born"

Y/n " wait so when I was carrying bell you had been having this affair"

Namjoon " yes it was a moment of weakness"

V " we love you and bell you are our worlds"

Y/n " was your guys words not anymore"

J-hope " please not speak like that we ...."

Suga " please don't leave use please"

Jungkook " we will make it up to you"

Y/n " okay tell me who else knew about this affair"

Y/n father " me and your brother knew we, didn't want to tell your because it would of broken the marriage deal and...."

Y/n " you care more about the deal more then me and Bella father "

Y/n " I didn't mean it like that"

Y/n " you know go to hell all of you I'm taking Bella do leaving" you soon walk out of the office fast, you father try's to stop you but you push him away. You soon are in the hallway and all your brothers are liking at you and they, knew by your facial expression your knew what happing.

Thomas " y/n we are ...."

Y/n " don't speak to me.... Bella we are leaving" Bella droped the basket she was holding of food. You pick her up fast and walk out of the building the guys running after you.

Jimin " y/n don't leave please" Jimin was now standing right in front of you. He reached out for Bella, allow for her to yell.

Bella " no daddy stay away" Bella hides her face in your shoulders, that when the guys knew they lost your and Bella for good. You soon walked past Jimin and got into a cab, which was waiting for new customer. The cab soon took you a private airport, which you told the driver to go to after you got off the phone with your aunt. Who told you to come live with her in her private inland and start and new life with Bella, away from everyone else.

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