Chapter I

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Eighteen year old Brandon Johnson tossed around the idea that had been in his mind for the last couple of days. He was not certain where it had come from just that came to him and he was unable to push it away. It was one that he was sure that most people he knew would think he was weird or crazy for having. But it was something that he was certain that he not only wanted to do but needed to do. He just was not sure how to go about it.

They would say I was nuts he thought as he sat outside Charles Adams public high school waiting for his brother. My parents would have me committed if I told them it. No he thought its better if I just to stop thinking about it and not get called a lunatic by everyone I know.

Only if I could stop thinking about it he mused.

The dismissal bell sounded a few minutes later students started emerging from the building. He could not believe that it had been a year since he graduated. It seemed just like yesterday that he was roaming the halls with his friends, getting himself into trouble, and generally being just a stupid kid. As well as being picked up by his older brother who had a perpetually look of disapproval for his behavior.

Poor Ben I am shocked that he did not kill me he mused with all the times I got into trouble. I am sure that he wanted to.

Longing for those days began to grow inside of him. Not for the part where he got himself in trouble with his brother. Those days he did not miss and he would not want to repeat. But he missed his friends who were all away at college, he missed being the star athlete who was looked up to by his peers, and being idolized by those around him. He missed being somebody.

He then sighed telling himself that those days were long gone and they would never be again.

A quote then entered his mind one whose origin he did not know but he was certain was true. "I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."

The longing for those days seem to wrap itself around him like a tight blanket. He quickly pushed it away. He needed to forget those days, he needed to concentrate on the future. He could be a somebody again but he just needed to find out how.

He then saw his younger brother walk out out of the red doors of the school with a couple of his friends. The boy stood five six, had a moderate build, and thick light brown hair. He watched as he laughed with his friends and his mind once again returned to his school days and the friends who he laughed with at the entrance.

His brother saw him and then said something to his friends giving them a high five and made his way to the car. He soon opened the door and said "Hey Brandon."

"Hey Buddy." He thought how technically his name was Brian Michael Johnson but ever since he was a little boy he was just called Buddy by his family. There had been times that he had actually forgotten his name was Brian and was confused when someone referred to him as that and wonder who they were talking about. And then with much chagrin he realized it was his brother.

"So how was school?" He asked.

"It was fine." Brian sat his black backpack on the floor and then put his seat belt on and Brandon pulled away from the curb.

"Do you have a lot of homework?" He thought about a couple of the teachers that he had and figured that he did. He remembered that his Algebra teacher use to like to bog him down with homework when he took her class.

He shrugged in response. "Not much really."

"That's good." He said but was a little surprise. He then remembered that his brother was one of those nerds who actually did homework in study hall instead of goof around.

Brian looked at the school as they drove past it. "I can't believe that I am going to be a Junior next year."

"Same here little bro."

"And the year after that I will be a Senior." He said. "And then college." He looked at his brother. "Do you regret not going to college?"

"Not at all." He pulled out of the parking lot.


The car accelerated to thirty. "Yeah really." He replied. "If I had went to college I would not be able to spend time with my favorite brother." Then rubbed his hand on his head messing up his hair.

"Stop man." He said as he pulled away and then straightened his hair. He hated when his brothers did that.

Brandon then let out a laugh. He gave his brother a look that said you are not funny.

"This isn't the way to the house." They were driving in the opposite direction of their neighborhood further into town.

"Yeah I know."

"Where are we going?"

"To the barbershop." He replied. Brandon then brushed his thick black bangs away from his eyes. "I'm getting my haircut."

A worried look then crossed Brian's face. "Am I getting one too?"

"I don't know." He replied. "Do you want one Buddy?"

"No." He said shaking his head. He liked his hair the way it was and the last thing he wanted to do was cut it.

"Then I guess you are not getting one then." He said as he began to speed up to avoid a red light. Brian found himself grasping the door handle tightly as they blew through the intersection. He thought how their dad would kill Brandon if he had witnessed that little maneuver.

They then pulled into the Marc Adams shopping center which consisted of thirteen stores, one of which was the barbershop. They pulled into a spot and Brandon said "Grab your book bag." Brian obediently grabbed the bag and then stepped out of the car. He then joined Brandon at the front of the car and said "While I'm at the barbershop I want you to go to Lucky's and start on your homework."

Brian looked at Lucky's Milkshakes and Burgers which was a couple of doors down from the barbershop. "Okay." He was about to walk to the shop when Brandon grabbed his arm stopping him.

"Hold on." He said turning the sixteen year old to face him. "One more thing." He then stretched out his hand and said "Phone."

"Phone?" He asked confused.

"Yes give me your phone." He said in a stern tone.

Brian then shifted his feet and said "Why?"

He gave his brother an annoyed look. He knew better than to ask that question. He was about to say because I said so but decided against it. That response never worked with him and he was certain that it would not work with his brother. "Because I want you to focus on your school work and not on texting your friends."

"I will focus on my school work." He said with a bit of whine in his voice.

"Yes you are because you are giving me your phone." He then took a step forward. "Give it now little brother."


He was not able to finishing his sentence. He was cut off by his brother slapping his hands together loudly and yelling his name. His face twisted in anger and he took a menacing step towards him. Fear began to rise inside of Brian's chest and he felt a hole open in the pit of his stomach. It was at the moment that Brian realized he had pushed his brother too far.

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