Chapter 11 The Bells are Ringing

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Drew kissed me slowly. He put me down in my bed as his lips traced my neck. I started to play with his hair.

Oh no, I thought. Not here.

I pulled Drew away. He looked into my eye's and I swear I felt like the most horrible person on earth right now.

"What's wrong?" He asked

I took a deep breath and grabbed him by the neck,with my right hand.

"Believe me I want to but.....but not here." I answered. Drew smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead.


As the day went by, it was pretty quite. No offense. I mean Robert and my mom wanted to tell us something but I am pretty sure they didn't know how to tell us. We were eating until final Robert spoked.

"Um, theirs something we need to tell you guy''s really serious."

No. That's when I wished that we didn't socialize. Did they find out that Drew and I have a relationship? I grabbed Drew's hand from the bottom of the table without making it noticeable.

"Were getting married." Said Robert.

I felt like a huge weight had just been taken off me. Robert and my mom were waiting for a respond. I looked at Drew and he looked at me.

"Well were are very happy for you guy's." I finally answered

"When's the party?" asked Drew

This boy only care's about parties. I thought.

"Thank you Kate, Drew, the party will be in a month." answered my mom.

"In a month ! Mom but you haven't even......"

My mom cut me off.

"We have everything planned, don't worry, today we have an appointment today at the Bridal Dresses store and I really need your advice." Said my mom smiling at me. I smiled back and looked at Drew who gave me a wink. I rolled my eye's and smiled.

" Okay, you have 10 minutes to get ready because we still need to do more things for the wedding, I wanted to be magical." Said my mom smiling and looking at Robert. My mom can sometimes get a bit over whelmed when it comes to making party's.  I was grabbing my coat when Drew came in my room without even knocking.

"You know, you should really knock on the door. What if I was doing something and you just walked in huh?" I said teasing him.

"Well then.......I guess someobody has to give me so private lessons if that's the case." He said pulling me closer to him. I laughed and kissed him.

"Kate, are you ready?" called my mom. I pulled away.

"Please don't go." He whined. I laughed.

"I'll come back. Stop being such a baby." I teased.


"So what color is my dress going to be mom?" I asked

"Red." She answered.

"Red? Short or long?"

"Short." She said smiling at me as we entered the store. The lady greeted us. Apparently she already knew my mother. Probably she came here way before. She gave me the red dress to try on and I was excited.

"Not to brag but mom has a great taste in clothing" I said as I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Come out Kate." She said.

I came out and all I could see was my mom smiling and whispering "beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you will look mom." I said smiling at her and pulling her into a hug.

"You and Drew will be the perfect maid of honor and best two are so adorable." She said smiling. I blushed thankfully my mom didn't see that but I couldn't disagree with that. She was right.

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