Part 7

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I awoke the next morning trying to recollect my dreams. I dreamed of josh again. That he was here with me...we kissed and I fell asleep in his arms. What a vivid dream...
A loud crash came from the kitchen. It sounded like breaking glass. A face popped around the corner. "It wasnt a dream?" I started at Josh as he apologized for the noise. I jumped up off the couch, tossing my blanket across the floor and ran towards him
"STOP!" He yelled. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw him bent down sweeping up broken glass. "I broke one of your cups. I'm so sorry. I'll replace it." He stated, worry creasing his brow. "Do..dont worry about that. so you're here...ahem...I mean..." he stared at me intently..."I mean, ok...honestly...i thought i had dreamt you being here." I looked down at my feet as i heard a loud laugh fill the air. "It wasnt a dream but it sure felt like one." He replied as he stood up and dumped the dustpan into the trash. He walked towards me slowly and placed his hands on my hips. "I dont know how you feel about all of this, but I just want you to know, I could see myself continuing to get to know you. I have to fly back to LA tomorrow. Can we spend the day together?" A smile spread across his face and I couldnt help but to stare in amazement. He was absolutely magnificent. His bleached hair was a beautiful mess, his dark brows enhanced his stunning caramel chocolate eyes...his jawline was perfectly defined...and those lips...I was dying to taste those full lips again. I stepped closer until our bodies were touching. Slowly leaning up towards his face. I closed my eyes and parted my lips slightly, hoping to God he would take the invitation. I felt his breath against my skin just as his lips pressed against mine. His hands slipped around from my hips to my back, slowly caressing the arch in my spine. Our tongues slid against each other through soft lips as if performing a slow dance. I slid my hand up and wrapped my fingers in his hair, tugging very lightly. One of his hands made it's way to my ass while the other squeezed my hip. We stumbled backwards towards the couch and he plopped down, pulling me onto his lap. I pulled away from his tender kisses for a moment to catch my breath. I studied his expression and saw the hunger in his eyes as he looked me up and down. With both hands, he grabbed my ass and squeezed firmly. He bit his lip and looked up at me. I could feel my wetness quickly increasing between my thighs. I leaned down and gently nibbled his neck before resuming our kisses, but this time with more passion...more desire...more hunger. I felt a stiffness rising against my thigh as my hands tangled into his hair. I realized my hips were rocking and I was grinding against his lap which was making him more and more excited. He wrapped his arms around me and flipped me on to my back, climbing on top of me, my thighs on either side of his body. He broke the kiss and slid his lips down my chin and to my neck, making a trail of kisses down my chest. I reached for the hem of his shirt and gently tugged it upwards. He raised his arms as I pulled it up over his head and tossed it to the floor. I took a moment to enjoy the view of his physique before running my hands down his chest and grabbing on to his belt. A smirk took over his perfectly delicious lips as he reached down to remove my shirt as well. I raised my arms as he slid the silky fabric off of me. "Fuck, you're amazing." He said, breathlessly. He slid his hands across my bra as I sat up to give him access to the hooks in the back. He unclipped them effortlessly and slowly slid it down my arms. He stopped for a moment and stared at my breasts before taking one in each hand. He massaged them gently, taking time to focus on my nipples. He brought his face down to my neck and used his tongue to trace down my neck, across my collarbones and down to my chest, giving special attention to the most sensitive areas. He grazed my nipple lightly with his teeth and I let out a small moan. He looked up at me with a devlish grin. "Oh, you like that, do you?" I nodded my head and writhed in ecstasy. His hand slid down to the hem of my shorts and he snaked his fingers up until he reached my panties. My wetness was soaking through as he massaged my lips. He slid my panties to the side and found my clit, making perfect circles that made my toes curl. He shoved one finger inside of me and pulled it out then licked my wetness from his finger and smiled, "You're delicious." And then proceeded to slide my shorts and panties down my thighs until they ended up on the floor. I slowly undid his belt and pants. He stood up and pulled off his pants leaving him in only his tight black boxer briefs. I admired his bulge as he quickly climbed back on top of me. I traced my fingers down his stomach all the way to the top of his boxers, trailing my fingers along the edge. I slowly slid my hand further south until I could feel his throbbing bulge in my hand. I rubbed, gently at first but then, as my need for him worsened, my touch became rougher. He let out a gruff moan which only made me need him more. I pulled at his boxers and he reached down and pulled them off. I placed my hand against his bare cock and felt the pulsating need for release. He reached down to his jeans pocket and pulled out a condom and put it on with ease before I took my hand and guided him to my opening. I slid his head across my clit a few times before allowing him control. He moaned loudly and slowly glided inside of me. His rock hard cock filled me entirely and I gasped in total pleasure. He met my eyes as he slid in and out steadily increasing speed with each thrust. Our breathing synced and It felt like we were one. Ecstacy ravaged me as climax hit. My whole body tensed around him and my voice became hoarse from all of the heavy breathing and moaning. My toes curled and my back arched as I reached the end. My body relaxed just as his reached its breaking point. His voice became louder, rougher as he reached ecstacy. His pumping slowed to a stop and we stayed lying there for a few minutes, sweat dripping from our bodies. He planted a few kisses on my lips before exiting me and walking towards the bathroom to clean up. My body was exhausted from the incredible orgasm josh gave me. I didnt want to move. When he came back, I was still laying there, feeling completely exhausted. He layed down next to me and pulled the cover over us.
"I'm fucking speechless." I say.
"Come to LA." Hes staring at me with the most serious look on his face.
I smile at him and give him a quick peck. "Okay."

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