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The next morning I dropped a sleepy Alexis off at my mum's, having to deal with a lot of tears. She hated being without me if she was tired, and my mum had to compromise with ice cream.

As I got to work, I grabbed my mask and went to visit a patient who needed their IV changing. It was dangerous for them to get sick, so I took extra care.

"Good morning," I said cheerfully, putting gloves on and finding the IVs. He smiled and looked down, waiting for me to get it done with.

"How are you feeling this morning?"



"I guess,"

"Sorry, that was a big question,"

"It's okay, I'm just a bit down because all my friends came to visit yesterday, and they're doing their uni exams today. I've missed that experience,"

"I'm sorry," I said, gently taking out the IV, "just a pinch,"


"It's okay. Can I tell you something?"


"One of my absolute best friends came to med school a couple years late, and now we have some really good friends. He really enjoyed it, and I know it's upsetting to miss out, but when you get there, someone will be there to enjoy it all with,"

"It's hard to think of that while it's not happening,"

"I know, but you'll get better soon. It doesn't feel it, but you're getting there,"

"You don't have to stay and chat,"

"I don't mind, but I do actually have to go. I'm here every weekday though, so if you have anything you need to talk about, I'm Calum Hood,"

He smiled and nodded, giving me a small wave as I left. I did a few rounds with the doctors, then went to the office to apply for an hour change. I was expecting to be accepted, because they made the new interns fill in other hours, and I could start work an hour early anyway.

I caught up with Ashton for lunch, sitting in the staff room together.

"How was Alexis shopping?"


"I'll come next time and help if you want,"

"There will not be a next time,"

"I don't think she can help it Cal,"

"I know," I mumbled, "I'm struggling, that's all. She was really upset when I had to leave her at mum's this morning, so I'm going to read to some kids and go and get her,"

"Are you all sorted for school? Because it's in a few weeks,"

"No, we need to get her uniform and a bag, but I might order it online after yesterday,"

Once I'd finished lunch, we went separate ways, and I went to see a young boy who'd come out of surgery. His family couldn't see him yet, and he was quite sleepy, but I'd been paged because he was pretty panicked.

I grabbed a book and headed to his room, washing my hands before sitting down. Coming out of the surgery would be confusing to him, and he was quite upset.

"Hey bud, I'm Calum. Do you want me to read you a story?"

"I want my mummy," he cried, his words slurring. I gently wiped his tears and shushed him.

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