chapter six

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a/n i was half dead when i finished that last chapter lmao sorry for the bad ending of it. y'all should also check out Robbery • Noen Eubanks if you haven't already, it's based on the TikTok he made about falling in love w/ the kidnapper n stuff. the character page and the first chapter of it is out rn!

"Not in front of me! That's gross"

Elmo is allowed to kiss Hannah in front of everyone but once I hug Jaden he gets mad?

"Chill man. They cute and shi" Yousif says as I smile.

Jaden and I sit on the couch with the rest of the people as we join in on the groups conversation.

As Jaden talks about some game with the guys, he casually wraps his arm around my shoulders, making my heart warm. Jaden could literally do anything and it would still make me go crazy.

I lean my head on his arm as I turn and talk to the girls.

They look at me with a smile as I smile back.

After a while, Jaden and I had our own conversation instead of joining the group one.

"You wanna maybe go upstairs?" He asks as I nod.

I stand up and take his hand as he stands up too.

"No!" Elmo says before we could get to the stairs.

"What now?"

"You guys can't be alone"

"Why not? We just want to talk by ourselves"

"What? Talk dirty to each other?" He jokes as everyone laughs, including him but his joke wasn't even funny.

"No Elmo. We just wanna have normal conversations by ourselves"

"And I don't like you two being by yourselves"

"You don't like us doing anything in front of you either"


Jaden turns me so that I was facing him as he places his hand on my jaw.

"Don't do it Jaden!" Elmo says as everyone laughs again, including me.

"Bet" Jaden replies.

He leans down and kisses me as the girls 'aw'. Elmo and the guys gag, making me laugh and pull away.

"Fuck, that was so gross. You both can go, I don't care anymore"

"You want a kiss too Elmo?" Jaden asks as all of us laugh again.

Elmo shouts a series of 'No's as Jaden goes over and kisses his cheek.

"You know what, you both do whatever you want! I'm done!"

I laugh and grab Jaden's hand as we rush upstairs.

We go into my room and close the door behind us.

We both take off our shoes and lay on the bed in each other's arms, talking in peace.

"I swear, if I see that guy ever again though he's done for!"

Jaden was telling me about the one time he got into a fight with a football player from the other team.

We both told each other stories from our past, which made us never get bored.

"And then I got on top of him but Elmo and the guys had to pull me off"

"They shouldn't have done that!"

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