29. Orphan, again

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Ashar brought me to the small restaurant. He pushed open the glass door and took me inside. It had around fifteen tables and ten of them were empty. He dragged me to the empty table and finally let go of my hand.

Reluctantly, I sat on my chair. He did the same.

"The lunch time has already passed. It's four in the evening." I said in confusion.

"I know. But, I'm starving and you can accompany me." He shrugged.

He raised his hand to get waiter's attention. Waiter looked at us and responded us with a single nod.

"I'm not hungry." I said.

I couldn't think of eating anything right now after meeting with mother and listening to her hopeless words.

"You can at least eat a little." He suggested.

Waiter came to our table and took our order. Ashar selected food for both of us and then, that waiter went away.

We sat in silence for a while. I broke the eye contact with him, leaned back in my chair and pretended to look around.

"The police have caught those burglars. The burglar who tried to injure your mother has accepted the assault."

I looked at him in disbelief. 

"Really?" A smile formed on my lips, "That's good news."

"Yes. He said he didn't intend to stab the old woman, but she just came in between and provoked him to use the weapon." He further explained.

"So? This justifies his crime? He almost killed mother." I leaned forward, getting furious.

"Relax. He'll be punished fairly."

"Thanks for your help."

The waiter came back with our food and placed it on the table. Ashar gave him a light nod and then, he walked away.

Ashar moved one plate in front of him, grabbed the fork and began eating. He acted so casually that one would feel like that we were friends or you know, more than that. I couldn't even guess what was going in his head and why was he being thoughtful of me when he never missed a chance to show his rage for me. He confused me.

"I'm sorry, once again." He put his fork down and clasped his both palms together.

I just stared at him, waiting for him to continue.

"For what I've said earlier." He completed his sentence.

"Are you apologizing?" I got surprised.

He shook his head up and down.

He pushed another plate in front of me, "Start eating. I told you their food is good."

Reluctantly, I grabbed the fork and dug it in.

"I still couldn't believe you never dated anyone. It's just a common thing among teenagers." He raised his fork to his mouth and quizzed.

Here he was again trying to divert my mind.

"Were you being dumped or what?" He added on.

My throat went dry when I saw he put the piece of meat in his mouth and licked his lips. He moistened them as he began chewing the food.

I remembered I had decided to stay away from him to stop getting those sensual thoughts. But, now that I sat with him and observing him, I wanted to throw that idea out of the window and just keep drowning myself into those strange feelings deeper and deeper.

"I just had one crush in past. It kept me away from thinking about other boys, besides I was busy and had no time to entertain a boyfriend." I moved my eyes from his mouth because they were bothering me.

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