XI \\ Michael

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Emilia, Santana, Blaine, Kurt and Mercedes were walking down the hallway to their next class, talking about what had happened at Sectionals.

"Admit it, Wonder twins, the only reason why the New Directions beat the Trouble Tones at Sectionals is because that pervy clown judge was freaking high as a kite." Santana pointed out to Kurt and Blaine.

"And we did Michael Jackson. You guys didn't." Blaine added.

"That was weeks ago. Why are you still obsessing?" Kurt asked.

Emilia sighed and took her brother by the shoulders from behind. "One word, Kurt. Michael."

"Guys, fear not. The world tour of the Cirque du Soleil tribute show, Immortal, to Michael Jackson is coming to Columbus in June. We should all go." Blaine reminded them.

"You don't get it. I don't want to see the spectacle that is Michael. I want to be the spectacle." Mercedes said bitterly.

"Everything okay?" Kurt asked his friend.

"Look, we love being back in New Directions, but-" Mercedes sighed.

"We hate that we missed our chance this year to do Michael." Emilia concluded for her. All the Trouble Tones felt the same way.

"Yeah, I get it." Blaine said sympathetically. "And I've been thinking a lot about Regionals and maybe we can do Michael again. I for one know exactly what song we should start Michael week with."

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

"Okay, favorite Michael Jackson memory. Go." Emilia ordered everyone as she took a sip from her mocha. She winced at the heat of it; it was still too hot for her liking.

"When I was one, my mom showed me the VHS tape of his Motown special, and when he did the moonwalk across the stage for the first time in history, I uttered my first word. 'Hot damn.'" Artie replied, a smile appearing on his face as he reminisced.

"I owe the King of Pop a deep debt of gratitude." Kurt spoke up. "He was the first one to pull off the sequined military jacket, long before one Kurt Hummel made it iconic."

"I have to be honest – I never really got him." Rachel admitted.

"And we are no longer on speaking terms." Emilia said.

"No, I think he's an amazing performer, but I've never really just got what he was about." Rachel tried to explain herself.

"Rachel, he was best friends with Liza Minnelli and Liz Taylor." Kurt reminded her.

"No, all I'm saying is that I-I just haven't connected with him the way that I have with the likes of Barbra or either of the Stephens." Rachel explained.

"I'd throw this mocha in your face, but its not nearly scalding enough." Santana remarked, gesturing to Emilia's cup. Emilia fake-glared at her.

"That's mine!" She complained, taking a sip. Santana kissed her cheek lovingly.

"I know that." Santana played with the end of Emilia's ponytail as she snuggled further into Santana's lap.

"Good." She hummed.

"Okay, but just, since you guys are so jazzed about him, I think it's a good idea." Rachel said kindly.

Emilia smiled, but the smile was gone as quickly as it was shown when she saw who was standing behind them. Sebastian and Jackson.

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