Part 5

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"What the hell is going on?" I thought to myself. "Did Josh Katz really just ask me to hang out again? Maybe hes just being nice. Who knows?" I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I stared into the cold space but my mind was elsewhere. I stood like that for about 5 minutes before I realized what I was doing. I reached into the bottom shelf of the fridge and pulled out a beer. I stared at the label for a moment, scanning my eyes across the letters "IPA". I shut the fridge and began rummaging through my silverware drawer in search of a bottle opener. It took a minute but I found it hiding at the very back of the drawer underneath a potholder. A popped the cap from beer and watched it fall to the floor with a "plink". Just as I was taking my first sip, I heard my phone go off. "Who the hell is texting me this late?" I looked at the clock on the stove which read "11:30pm". I walked into the livingroom and sat my beer on the coffee table as I picked up the phone with my free hand. "This plsce rcks...u shuld be here. -Josh" I giggled a bit. "He must be drunk..." Just as I was about to respond, another text comes through. "Thee guys r getting maad at mee. They sad im tlking about u tooo mch.. -Josh" My face flushed at the thought of Josh talking about me to his bandmates. I quickly typed a reply "I hope you're saying good things..." just as a picture popped up in the chat. My jaw dropped at the sight of Josh's drunken but genuine smile. He was holding up a glass of brown liquid seemingly cheersing me. The photo was dark except for a bit of purple and green light highlighting the right half of his face. Another text snapped me out of my gaze. "Wher r yo? Snding Uber fr yu. I need to see you. -Josh" The last sentence of his text made me gasp. I immediately clicked the phone icon at the top right of the screen so I could figure out what was going on. "Is he being serious?" I thought to myself. I took a deep breath in just as Josh's voice took over the other line. "Anaaaa! Oh my goshhh... where are you?" "Hey Josh." I couldn't help but smile at his inebriated excitement. "I'm at home. Are you seriously wanting me to meet up with you right now?" He responded immediately. "Yessss! Please
I want to se...*hic* you." A hiccup interrupted his sentence. I laughed and I heard a huff from the other line. "Dont lau..*hic*...augh at me." He whined. I laughed again. "I'm sorry. Josh. I'm only laughing because you're adorable!" "*hic* why dont you *hic* say that to my faceee?" He said, teasing me. "I would, but I'm already in my pajamas for the night. I've got my music going and a beer in my hand. I don't really feel like dealing with a crowd." "Whass your address?" He asked, without a single hiccup. "Why? I don't wanna deal with social anxiety tonight, Josh. I'm sorry." "No, no...I'm gonna come to you." My mouth dried up and my words got trapped in my throat as his statement moved through my ear and wound around my insides. "" I stuttered. "Uhm...are you sure you wanna come here?" "If you dont mind." He said sweetly. How could I say no to that? "Uhm, ok...just be careful. Make sure you take an uber...I'll text you my address." I thought I heard him squeal but it could have been background noise from the club. "I'll be there in an hour and a halfff!" He said and apparently thought he hung up the phone. I sat there listening for a moment and could hear him telling his bandmates the plan. From the sounds of it, they didnt seem to mind...barely giving him any shit. I hung up the phone to avoid invading too much privacy and ran to my bathroom in a frenzy. I turned on the shower and jumped in for a quick 10 minute wash
When I got out, I brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Then I ran a brush through my wild hair before running to my room to find some cute jammies. I ransacked my closet until I found some black cotton shorts and a silky black spaghetti strap top. I threw them on and tried to reorganize my room as best as I could before making my way out to organize my livingroom. I rearranged and made it look somewhat nice before throwing some rosemary oil into my oil diffuser. "Ok, looks decent...smells nice...good enough, I guess!" I sprinted back to the bathroom and applied some deodorant, lavender perfume and a bit of mascara. "I can at least try to make myself halfway presentable." I whispered under my breath. I did one last mirror check and walked back to the livingroom. I grabbed my phone and threw on some background music and stepped out onto my porch for a smoke. I checked the time on my phone. "12:45" "Oh my God. He should be here any minute. Oh my goddddd.." I took a long drag from my cigarette and blew it out slowly just as my phone beeped. "ETA 2 minutes...-Josh"
"Holy this really happening?" I said aloud. I took another drag of my cigarette before tossing it into the ashtray. My hands began to tremble as nerves coursed through my body. I took a few deep breaths as I saw headlights making their way up the street. I watched them get closer and closer until I could see the "uber" logo in the front window. The car slowly pulled to a stop and the rear passenger door opened. I held my breath and watched Josh step out into the moonlight.

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