Shawn VS Kian

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Shawn's POV

I feel so guilty for hitting Victoria in the head. I just get really jealous... I'm going to apologize. I take out my phone and text her. 💪Shawn 💋Victoria

💪Hey. Where are you? We need to talk.

💋 I'm at Taco Bell, why should you care?!

💪I care because I love you. I care about you!

💋 You freakin hit me in the head with a metal bat.

💪I just got angry and jealous.

💋That's no excuse Shawn!

She left the message. I hop into my car and drive to Taco Bell.

Victoria's POV

"So Vic, what are your hobbies?" I've gotten over my awkwardness, even if he does know my brother and his friends. He's so much... How do I put this... Humane?! "Well, volleyball and dance are my things really. What about you?" "I'm actually in a YouTube group called O2L. That's kinda my life.." He laughs. I smile until Shawn burst through the doors. "Shawn?!" I yell. "What the hell are you doing?!" "Your on a DATE?!" I nod and smirk slyly. Kian stands up. "Is everything okay? Shawn runs and slaps kian in the face. What the hell Shawn? Kian was just standing there with a red mark across his face, I knew it hurt, I had witnessed it before. Listen Shawn never have I ever met somebody as abusive and aggressive as you. I don't know what got into you, but leave me alone and never ever bother me again because you will never get a chance with me. Shawn just ran out of Taco Bell with a shocked look on his face.

Shawn's POV

I don't know what got into me. I was just so jealous.

💪 Shawn

💋 Victoria

💪 hey listen victoria I am so sorry I did not mean for it to go that way.

💋 Shawn I don't know what has gotten into you but you think I will accept your crappy little apology so you can do this again to me? Well I don't think so.

💪 just come to my place tonight if you want to know the real reason why I did this.

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