Chapter 3: A Widow And A Watch

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You were so engrossed with working on some of the projects Tony had been developing in his lab that you didn't even notice someone come in until you heard Tony say,

"Hey, Peter." Making you look up and smile.

"Hey Mr. Stark! Hey, Y/n." He waved and smiled nervously at you.

You lifted the goggles off your face and smoothed out your apron from behind the desk. Tony had you going back and forth between chemicals, working with metal, and altering his AIs. You kept the apron on for when you were using the blow torch.

"Hey, Pete." You nodded with a smile. You suddenly felt like you were overstepping when they kind of stood there awkwardly like they needed to talk about something that you weren't allowed to hear. "I'm gonna continue exploring, maybe grab some food or something, see you guys around." You told them, putting your goggles away, along with your apron.

"The kitchen is on the fifth floor, oh and come by later to collect what you've worked on." Tony told you.

"I can keep the watch?" You asked in disbelief.

"Hey, you made it, just don't hurt anyone." He smirked.

"You made a watch?" Peter asked, crossing his arms, looking like a disappointed and concerned parent, darting his eyes between you and Tony.

"Yeah, he told me how he made a watch that when used correctly morphs into an ironman type glove." You tried to explain, "Good for on the go." You smiled and nodded your thanks to Tony before leaving.

You checked the time and saw it was around two, no wonder you were starving. You fished out about three crumpled up dollar bills from your pocket and hoped that the food here wasn't as expensive as you thought it might be.

You went up in the elevator and reached the fifth floor. You walked out into a room that had some couches surrounding a huge TV. When you kept walking, you reached a huge kitchen, but there was no one around and it looked like an average kitchen at any house. Besides the fact that it was about ten times the size of your own, you pictured it to be more like a cafeteria where you purchased your food. You opened the fridge and to your surprise it was stacked full of all different kinds of foods and so were the cabinets. At home you were lucky if there was bread for toast and some granola bars.

You pulled out the things to make a grilled cheese. When you first came in, you felt out of place, like you were an intruder, having to hide or be stealth if someone came in. Now, you felt more comfortable than you did in your own home. You couldn't explain it, but when you looked around this place you sighed in happiness. You flipped your sandwich on the pan and started humming one of your favorite songs.

"Avengers get younger and younger." Someone chuckled and you looked up to see a redheaded woman in a black suit, she looked like an assassin with the weapons she had on her and her confident smirk.

"Oh! Hello! I'm not an Avenger." You smiled.

"I thought only Avengers had badges that allowed them on these floors." She thought out loud.

"Oh, uh, Tony gave me the badge. I'm a friend of Peter's?" You didn't know why that would help, it's not like he was an Avenger.

"Do you have a name?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Y/n." You nodded, taking your grilled cheese off the pan and cutting it in half on the plate.

"I'm Natasha." She gave you a warmer half smile.

"Do you like grilled cheeses, Natasha?" You held out the plate to her.

"I do." She took half and sat at the table, signaling for you to sit across her, so you did.

"So, you're the Black Widow?"

"That's what they say."

"That's so cool, I can't believe I'm eating lunch with the famous Black Widow. This is awesome." You tried to keep your excitement to a minimum, but so far, you weren't doing that well.

"People say I do a lot more bad than good." She smirked, biting into the sandwich and nodding, impressed with your work.

"Screw those people." You scoffed, biting into yours, missing her smile.


"Yeah, who cares what they think, you're a hero."

"Thanks, kid. I gotta get going, but if you want to pick up any new skills, come see me. That is, if you come back here." She got up, taking her sandwich with her, "Thanks for the grilled cheese."

"Anytime! And that'd be amazing, thanks!!" You waved to her and she returned it before she disappeared around the corner, leaving you to yourself again.

After you finished eating and cleaning up, you went back onto the elevator and clicked a higher floor. It opened to two hallways and you made your way to the one straight ahead.

You tried a couple of doors, finding they were locked. When your badge didn't work, you shrugged and finally found a door that was unlocked. You opened it and stepped inside, being taken aback by what you saw.

So, this isn't exactly a room that was for you to be in.

It was clearly someone's bedroom.

You face palmed, of course that's why everything was locked, they are the Avenger's rooms.

As you were about to leave you heard someone coming into the room from another door, you assumed it was a bathroom or closet.

"Y/n?" Bucky asked, surprised to see you.

"James! Sorry, I didn't know these were, uh, bedrooms, I'm so sorry." You apologized and quickly left.

"No worries!" He called after you.

How embarrassing, he probably thought you were some kind of a pervert lurking in his room. Ugh. Great job getting these people to like you, Y/n.

After exploring a few more floors, you got tired, having been up all night, and decided to go back down to the living area near the kitchen. When you got there, it was empty and you plopped on one of the couches, flipping the TV on. You flicked around until you found something you liked and ended up falling asleep halfway through.

You were suddenly startled awake, being shaken.

"Y/n, Y/n, wake up!"

"Peter?" You sat up quickly, "What's going on?" You looked around in a panic and realized where you were, calming down.

"Nothing, it's just after five, I think we should head home." He smiled at you.

"Oh, uh, I'd stay here for a bit longer if nobody has a problem with it." You shrugged.

"Yeah, let the kid stay." Sam said from the kitchen and you smiled a silent thank you to him.

"I-I mean yeah, you could stay."

"Oh wait! It's Saturday, so I'll sleep over at your place?" You asked him, picking up on his disappointment.

"If you'd rather stay here..."

"No, no I want to sleep at yours, let's go." You stood up, Peter copying the motion, "I want to pick up my watch first though." You smiled.

You both headed down to the lab and surprisingly Tony wasn't around.

"Ironman business." Peter commented, reading your thoughts.

"Naturally." You nodded, retrieving the watch you made earlier. Before you left you caught a glimpse of a Spiderman suit, "Whoa!" You touch the suit's arm as it stood before you, in awe.

"Oh, yeah, Mr. Stark made that recently."

"It's awesome." You breathed, "He makes incredible suits."

"Yeah, bulletproof too, unlike what Spiderman was using before." He chuckled nervously.

"Amazing." You swept your hand over the torso and touched the mask a bit. You turned back to Peter and realized how close you were standing to each other, "W-we should probably go." You smiled.

"Ye-yeah, let's go." He nodded in agreement and you both walked out. 

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