Part 39

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"Uhhh..." Was what came out of my mouth. I was pretty sure my mouth was was drooling out rainbows.

In front of me, I see a girl that had a spark in both of her eyes and her mouth that kept whispering 'please say yes, please say yes..!!'

Then a picture of a person came into my mind.

I let out a chuckle that turned into a happy laugh.

This...this is amazing!!! Is this a female version of Gabe!! This is simply amazing! I can't keep her waiting for my answer.

Maxie looked at her and tilted her head, confused if she said something wrong or funny. But then again, Maxie liked hearing her laughter. She couldn't help it but be attracted.

Wow, even her laughter is beautiful...

Is what Maxie thought. She then again, was proud that she had a beautiful friend like this even though she didn't get her answer from her.

But if she disagrees, she'll just tell everyone that Eve is her friend whether she likes it or not!

She then snapped out of it when Eve looked at her and genuinely smiled at her.

"Sure, Miss Maxie." I said.

Her voice made her shiver in excitement and Maxie squealed in her head.

I looked at Maxie's face and see a big happy smile across her face.

"Call me Maxie!" She said as she held my hand tightly and smiled brightly with admirable eyes.

I smiled back.

"Okay, Maxie." I said as she squealed again.

Before she could even converse with me, someone which I assume was her father, called out to her and she excused herself and lastly smiled before quickly walking to her father.

Apparently, to meet some other boys...

I sigh and looked around me. I see a person running towards me.

"Lady 16! Um, it's time for your speech!!" The person said and I sighed in my head but smiled sweetly at the person.

The person returned the smile and led her to the stage.

"And I will pass the mic to Lady 16!!"

There were claps everywhere as I entered and smiled. Everyone had their mouths wide opened. This lady is so pretty! Her smile can make people fall in love with her and drool in their dreams.

She grabbed the mic from the MC and cleared her throat before talking.

"Hello, Everyone! My name is Eve aka, Lady 16." Her voice came out of her pinkish red lips.

"I am very honored to be talking up on this stage—"

"Who are you!!! What is your full name??!! Last year, You appeared in Ewin's Box one day and then became Ewin's Box Company's Boss!!! Isn't that weird!? Aren't you just a high schooler? Why does a random girl like you need hold this pressure? Lady 16?? What Lady 16!? All I see is a girl who slept with all the guys in the company to become the Company's boss." A girl with a fan covering her mouth, spoke with a dirty smirk.

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