Chapter 6

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The sound of my alarm blaring throughout my room jolted me awake. I looked over to the bedside table and saw the numbers 8:30 flashing in a red color on the screen of my alarm. I sighed and got up to get ready for pack training which started at 9. I went over to my closet and took out some leggings and a sports bra. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed a towel from the rack. I then turned on the shower and stripped before jumping into it.

After I finished, I dried myself off and put my clothes on. I had a couple minutes left until I had to be at the training grounds so I started to clean my room a little. I did my bed and cleaned the clothes off the floor and put them in the laundry hamper I keep in my closet.

When I had about 2 minutes left before I had to be at the training ground, I started to head out. Ready for training today? I asked Isla. I'm ready to kick butt! She said all enthusiastically.

When I walked down the stairs, I heard people murmering, most likely about my sudden 'disappearance' yesterday. I tried my best to not let their words get to me. I luckily succeeded.

I however felt a little uncomfortable from all the stares.

"Hey everyone." I awkwardly said.

"I-" I cut myself off as I saw my father get onto the field. I quickly ran to my spot in the block.

He clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. Conversations started to come to a close as he did so. Soon, everyone's gaze was on my father. He started pacing back and forth in front of the block.

"As you all know, we are a pack who is against discrimination. That means that during training, and any other activity, no women will be discriminated against. I will train you all equally. Woman or not. Do I make myself clear?" He said hais usual speech he gives before training.

After my mother was killed, my dad made sure that all men and women were trained equally so they could defend themselves. He spent weeks after the incident blaming himself for my mother's death. He kept saying that if he would have trained the women, she wouldn't have been killed.

A chorus of 'yes alpha's' was heard throughout the block.

"Right, now let's get started. Everyone partner up," He commanded and every one did so. To my luck, I had to be partnered up with that blond guy from the night before. That made Isla and I smirk, knowing that we could get our revenge. My dad blew a whistle and everyone started fighting.

We started to circle eachother. I nodded to him to make the first move. He pounced on me but I dodged it. I turned around just as he was pouncing at me again. This time I grabbed his foot and slammed him to the ground. I watched as he groaned in pain.

Since I am an alpha's daughter, I am stronger than normal wolves. Along with my powers, I have the strongest senses in the pack by a lot.

Once the guy recovered, he got back  up on his feet. We circled eachother some more before I dodged a fist that almost came in contact with my face. Luckily, I grabbed his wrist before it hit me. I twisted him around by the wrist and bent his arm in a weird way behind his back, earning a yelp from him. I pushed him to the ground with his arm still behind his back. He grunted as he came in contact with the ground. I kneeled down next to him and put my face next to his as I held him down.

"Next time, I won't go so easy on you. I will be the monster you say I am." I whispered in his ear before backing away and letting go of him. He started to get up and I held my hand out to him. He ignored me and got up on his own. I rolled my eyes as I turned around and started to walk away.

I heard a voice yell, "watch out!". I turned around just as the guy pounced in my direction with a silver dagger in his hand. I held my palm out and ice shot from it, creating ice chains around his wrists that were stuck to the ground, causing him to drop the dagger. The chains pulled him back with so much force that I heard a crack along with a scream of pain come from the blond. I looked at his wrists and they were bent weirdly. They were also bloody, most likely broken. The dagger was lying on the ground near him.

I heard gasps from all around the training field. I too, gasped out of shock. This guy was trying to kill me.

My dad pushed through the crowd that had accumulated around me and the guy. Once he got to the front, I could clearly see the furious look on his face. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE," he roared.

I pointed accusingly to the guy that was now in ice chains. "Your pack member was trying to kill me, father!" I told him. He spotted the dagger that was now on the ground. His nostrils started flaring from the anger. I went over to the dagger and picked it up from the plastic, black handle.

"With this silver dagger." I brought it up to my nose and smelt a very toxic smell. Something dripped off the tip of the dagger and onto the ground. "And it is laced with wolfsbane," I held it up for everyone to see. My dad took the dagger from my hand and held it in front of the guys face.

"Would you like to explain, Alec?" He asked, almost commanded him to. The guy just shrugged, wincing at the pain in his wrists.

"That disgrace deserves to die." He nodded his head in my direction. My dad got even angrier and gestured his guards to come over.

"Take this mutt to the pack dungeons. I'll deal with him later," He told them. They replied with a curt nod. I went back over to Alec and grabbed one chain in each hand, slowly thawing them. The guards lifted Alec and took him away.


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