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Hello there...

You won't believe this but my heart is racing as I take the final steps in  publishing this baby of mine.

Well that's by the way though. This is me welcoming you, officially, to Mokunfayo and Mike's story. Thank you so much for giving this humble work of mine a try, you're a real gee.

With that said and over with, let me quickly highlight a few important points;

• Please be forewarned that detailed and graphic scenes of violence and romance are highlighted in this novel, read at your own risk.

I've been writing her manuscript for over a year now, for the past year it's been her that's been my companion and of all my babies (stories) I love her the most.

I have a very special connection to this novel, in fact I see it's characters as real people and I call all of them my children😁🙈 whenever I'm narrating upcoming or ongoing events to friends or family.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and start to imagine what Mokunfayo would be doing if she were a real person.

Moral of this sob story?; Don't plagiarize my work!

I repeat, no form of plagiarism will be condoned from my end.

I repeat, don't

Okay you get the gist so let's move on.

•This is a pure work of fiction and every name and character therein are strictly fictional, I'm not responsible for the semblance in character or events.🙇

• If you are not a fan of slow paced relationships then please don't bother reading.

• The story is set in Nigeria, mostly in Lagos and Abuja but some of the locations mentioned therein are not really in existence.

• Abuse of my characters will not be allowed, everyone makes mistakes, nobody's perfect so instead of criticizing theirs actions, I suggest we should learn from them.

• Every chapter may or may not have a banner or two, and also a playlist attached because I love photography, people with my skin colour and music but bear in mind that I do not own the pictures.

• Criticism and feedback is allowed , just comment or slide in a DM, I'll be sure to respond.

• Finally please don't expect two chapters a day or daily posts. I'm lazy, busy and a Nigerian. In short, life happens to me a lot...

Here is a quick dedication:

This work is dedicated to every person with the brown skin colour.

Well, here goes nothing, see you at the end of the next chapter.

✌ illusionistic.

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