The Schools Player ♥ [ A Roc Royal Love Story ]

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Prologue .. ♥

( Jasmine ♥  ) 

" Jass , Jass Wake Up ! "

I Abruptly Opened My Eyes And Jumped Up .

" What ? " I Asked ,  Rubbing My Eyes .

" You Have School Today " My Mom Told Me .

Oh My God I Forgot About That .

" Okay , Do I Have To Go ? " I Asked .

" Yes Ofcourse You Aint Got No Choice " My Mom Told Me Adding A Bit Of Her Ghetto Side Into It , I Shook My Head While Laughing At My Mothers Crazyness And Got Out Of Bed , Grabbed My Towels , Soap etc And Headed For The Bathroom To Do My Daily Hygiene .

------ ♥

After I Came Out Of The Bath I Lotioned My Skin , Put On Deoderant And All That Stuff And threw On A Black Pair Of Shorts , My Black And White Varsity Jacket And My Black And White Chucks And Walked Down The Spiraled Stair Case Into The Kitchen Where My Mom Was Making My Breakfast In Her Favorite ' Chef Mom ' Apron . I Took My Seat In My Usual Chair At The Table And My Mom Brought My Breakfast For My Which Was A Hot Cup Of Tea , French Toast  , Scrambled Eggs and A Few Strips Of Bacon .

" Im Gonna Go Upstairs And Get Ready " She Told Me Before Trotting Up The Stairs .

My Mom Is A Hard Working Woman Well Everysince My Dad Left And Took My Twin Brother Craig With Him , She Told Me They Got In To A Heated Arguement And He Took My Brother And She Took Me . 

" You Ready ? " My Mom Asked Me Knocking Out Of My Thoughts .

I Looked Down At My Plate Which Was now Empty 

" Yeah " I Said 

" Okay Lets Go Before You're Late " .

I Grabbed My Backpack , My Water Bottle And My Phone And Walked Out The House And Got Into My Moms Red Range Rover ( Company Car ) . And Pulled Off .

" So How Do You Feel Being At A New School ? " She Asked Not Taking her eyes Off The Road .

" How Do You Feel Being New Mom ? , Why Coulnd't I Stay At My Private School ? I Liked It There Better " I Told Her .

" I Couldn't Afford To Pay Every Semester , Besides Its Always Good To Try Something New " She Said Smiling A Bit .

I Just Shruged My Shoulders .

The Car Came To An Abrupt Stop And We Were Infront Of This Big Building Filled With Children Inside and Out , I Caught A Glimpse Of The Sign Outside Of The School which Read ' Emmanuel George High School ' I Let Out An Exhausting Sigh .

" Don't Worry Mama , Everything Is Going To Go Great " My Mom Said Smiling Showing Her Teeth .

I Slightly Smiled And Got Out Of The Car .. I Heard The Tires Of My Moms Car Screech Off .

 I Sighed Once More And Walked Around The School Looking For The Office ..

------- ♥ 

" Thank You " I Told The Lady At The Front Desk 

" Your're Welcome Have A Nice Day " She Said , I Smiled And Walked Away .

I Looked Down At My Schedule In My Hand My First Class Was History And My Locker Number Was 148 .

I Walked Down The Broad Hall Ways Now Emptied Because The Bell Rang For First Period About 5 Minutes Ago . When I Finally Found My Locker I Put In My Combination Code And Opened It I Put All My Books In And Took Out My History Text & Note Book , Now It Was Time For Some Travelling .