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I stood in the bathroom connected to Harry and I's bedroom, and as I watched the water slowly filling up the tub, my fingers nervously fumbled with the knot that I tied to keep my robe on.

Despite Harry and I having already gotten intimate with each other quite a few times now, I was still a little shy about getting into the bath tub with him. I knew that there was nothing to be nervous about since he's seen me naked and seemed to like it, and I already knew for a fact that I liked him any way that I could get him, but there was just something about taking a bath together that really wiled me up inside.

Once I saw that the tub was full enough for two people, I shut the water off and continued staring at the water, now in complete silence. The only thing that I could hear was the sound of my own heart beating, and as I started to untie the knot, I felt a pair of hands lay themselves over the bare skin on my shoulders and begin to push the rest of the robe off of my body. I swallowed the lump in my throat before craning my neck ever so slightly just to be able to see Harry standing behind me, and how close his lips were to my own. Without hesitation, I reached around for his hand that was just barely grazing my back, and placed it over the lowest part of my stomach, right above my pelvic region, and asked, "How did it go?"

I felt the tips of his fingers start brush up and down very slowly, almost as if he was teasing me, and it was working.

"Fine." He answered, "He asked about her, and I told him what he needed to know."

With my robe still resting around my hips, Harry's other hand began pushing the rest of it away while I asked him, "What did you say?" I had a pretty good idea of what he might have told the lawyer, but I would rather hear Harry tell me himself anyway.

I felt him shrug, "That she's a bitch."

My eyes widened as I turned around to face him, "You didn't, did you?" He looked coy while staring at something else, and I just sighed, "That's not a nice thing to say about someone, Harry.

Still looking just as innocent and just as coy as before, Harry just started unbuttoning his shirt while replying, "Maybe not, but it is the truth."

His shirt dropped to the floor, and as usual I was entranced and mesmerised by the likeness of a greek God that Harry resembled. I smiled down at all of his tattoos that covered his abdomen and arms, and at the extra set of nipples that I've never noticed until just now. It must have been the lighting or something, but I still believed that Harry was the most beautiful human being on the planet. I lightly grazed my fingertips over his extra nipples, and Harry stepped back a little bit, which made me look up in slight shock.

Harry looked down at his chest and sighed quietly, "I hate them."

I pouted a little bit while stepping forward so that I could reach out to touch Harry again, "Why? I like them." I brushed over his chest again and stopped when my palm was laying flat over his heart, and I smiled a little at him while saying, "It's one of the things that makes you so special."

Harry continued staring down at where my hand was, and eventually one of his own hands laid itself over mine. It was the softest touch, and his hand immediately warmed mine up as we both felt the beat of his beautiful heart beneath the surface. I couldn't see his face very well, but it seemed like a few different emotions were passing over his face as he continued to stare down at our hands. Eventually, his hand curled up around mine to bring it away from his body, and he looked at me once again to say, "Come on, the water is going to get cold."

I nodded my head to agree with him, and finally, I let the robe drop all the way to the floor, which left me completely nude in front of him. My heart was still pounding loudly, and I was struggling to keep steady breaths as I watched Harry continue undressing in front of my eyes. Since his shirt and shoes were already off, all he had left were his pants, and the garments underneath, which left a lot to the imagination even though I've seen him nude multiple times before. Excited to see the end result, I starting tugging gently on my lower lip using my teeth while I watched with slightly enlarged eyes, and Harry wasn't shy about making me wait for him. He and I both knew that there was a massive amount of sexual tension between us right now, and if he didn't feel it, then he must have been crazy.

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