chapter eight

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(Izuku pov)

Me and shouto were sitting infront if the TV, shouto had his head on my lap as I was running my fingers through his, katsuki was giving our little six year old a bath while me and shouto were just relaxing

"Shouto baby could you please give me a back massage it hurts so much " i asked I was now 8 months pregnant our little boy was gonna come out any time now

"Ofc love" shouto said as he got up and kissed my Temple and started to rub my back in a soothing way

Just a few minutes later Akemi jumps into my arms dressed up but his hair was still wet I hugged him back and gave him a kiss on the cheak

Then katsuki came and kissed both mine and shouto lips
"Half and half you go rest I will give Izuku a massage" katsuki told shouto

With that shouto stood up and laid his head on my lap again as I ran my fingers through his hair again

"Dad I have a question" Akemi said

"Mhmm yes baby" shouto hummed

"How did you guys meet papa" he asked

"Well..." shouto started

It was shouto's junior year of highschool he was the new student

"Class today we have a students please come and introduce yourself" the teacher said

Shouto nervously stood up he wasn't a fan of introductionions but when he got infront of the class he looked eyes with a guy that had spiky blond hair as the spiky haired guy smiled that gave shouto the courage to speak

"H-hey my name is shouto todoroki I came here from uphill highschool and yea I hope we can be freinds" shouto softly said his eyes were still glued to the spiky haired boy as people started whispering recognising his name "Wait is he the son of the CEO of the endeavor company.....I heard that Mr.todorkoki was that's not true I heard his children are extremely spoiled...wait so is shouto a spoiled brat..well I hope not he is really cute....guys just look at him he is extremely nervous" all different voices said

"Okay shouto you may go sit in the empty seat in the back " the teacher said and shouto started to slowly walk back to the seat his seat mate was a guy with dark blue hair and square glasses

"Hi I am iida nice to meet you" the blue haired guy said

"Hey..nice to meet you too" shouto quietly said in almost a whisper

But he locked eyes with the spiky haired beauty agian

To be continued......

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