Chapter 29- the light

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Zach's POV
I am going towards the light still. The lights so attracting. I can't even stop myself. It's just... so mesmerizing. It makes me feel happy, and comforted.
I hear the noise again. I stop and look back at the other door.

Zach, go to the light
My head tells me.

No, Jack needs me

No, you need the light

No, I don't

I start to walk towards the hospital door. I hear Jacks voice getting closer.

Your going the wrong way Zach

No, I'm not.

I hear his voice more clear every step that I take. I start to run towards the door

Zach! Go to the light!

I. Said. NO!

I run faster than I ever have towards the hospital door. I'm so close. I hear Jack crying louder. I'm so close. A couple more steps.

I reach the door. I put my hand on it and open it. A bunch of smoke comes out and takes me back to darkness.

Jacks POV
He's gone.

I walk out the room crying.

Then I hear my name softly in a familiar voice. I turn and see Zach. His eyes open.

"ZACH!!!" I yell and start to cry happy tears.

"Did you think I was really going to leave you?" Zach asks me.
I just giggle and hug him.

When I read your comments on the last chapter I was laughing . You guys are awesome. And don't worry, I'm not ending the book soon. I still have many ideas for this book. This might be the last chapter for today. Key word: might😂 thanks for all the love! Love all you guys💜

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