chapter fourteen

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Madison's bachelorette day was going perfectly.

Except for the fact that Daisy was here.

If anyone thinks that I'm willingly being nice to her, they are WRONG. It's an act that I'm keeping up for the sake of the atmosphere of the wedding weekend staying stable.

God, it was so hard to be nice to her. After getting the nails done, and having the spa session - which was absolutely lavish may I add - we went out for desserts and girl, I cannot tell you how bad I wanted to push her dumb face into the strawberries and cream cake. The evening was coming around and we were all currently getting ready for the night out. As Gwen is pregnant, she obviously cannot drink any alcohol. I don't drink either, if I do, it's very rare. But I'll be sober, making sure all the girls have a wild time but also while keeping them as safe as possible. Gwen and I will be sipping our mocktails and playing security guard.

Well, just me, really.

No offence to Gwen, I absolutely love her. But she can barely stand up by herself. There's no way she'll be able to help somebody else stand up straight if they pass out, if she can't even do it.

Boy, pregnancy. Been there and done that. Logan has mentioned to me that he'd love to be a big brother someday and it's so sweet of him to think that. Nate wants to have a baby sometime after the wedding, which is what we discussed this morning. I'm definitely open to having one more baby, but I'm not so certain if I'd want another after that. He wants a big family.

I wonder what Nate would say to that.

Things change all the time, maybe after I'm married I'll have a different mindset.

The bridal suite was spectacular. It had speakers built in so Madison put on her playlist as we all got ready for the night. Tempo by Lizzo was playing and I curled Madison's hair.

"Isaac will be my husband tomorrow." Madison stated and smiled down at her lap.

"He's going to be the best husband ever." I say, grinning as I cupped a piece of her hair and then let it loose as it was curled. "I'm so happy for you. You two have come so far. Like, high school sweethearts? It's crazy amazing."

"I feel so... blessed and lucky." Madison beamed.

"You are," I reply.

"I really am." She smiled up at me, holding my hand as she looked at us both in the mirror. "Thank you. I look great. I feel great."

"That was the goal."

Gwen comes in and informs us that everybody was ready. It was around 7pm now, and we were headed out for dinner at the best steakhouse in Honolulu. I was looking forward to this, I loved a good rare steak. After this, it was dessert and then the club.

Daisy and Anna are sat next to me in the booth we were taken to by our waiter. Madison and Isabel were in the toilets and the rest of us ordered our drinks as we also looked at the menu. I got a sprite, so did Anna. I ordered Madison and Isabel some white wine as they'd requested.

"My stomach hurts." Anna blurted, with a frown.

"Have you eaten anything bad today?" Daisy asked her.

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