Chapter 14

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-WARNING: This chapter contains scenes of abuse, so be warned.-

Max's POV

It eventually became nighttime. Usually, it would be good news, since the gang and I (Nikki, Neil, also (Y/N) since yeah) like to plan escapes, steal David's stuff and such. But that's not the case here. Why? Well, the one and only Mr. Honeynuts is still missing. Of course, I'm not gonna freak out in front of anyone, ever. I already had to go through the fucking painful experience of getting laughed at by the damn assholes in this camp, don't want that happening again.

I sat up in my bed and glanced over to see (Y/N) sleeping peacefully on his bed. I felt my face warm up again.

'Goddammit, Max. Focus on the bear, not on the boy who's.. sleeping on the other bed next to you... peacefully... ARGH! Focus!'

I shook my head a bit roughly, trying to snap out of it. I huffed, slowly getting off the bed, cautiously trying not to wake (Y/N) up.

'I-It's not like I like him or anything... he just looks... so... Ugh, why am I still thinking about this?! Snap out of it, Max!'

I walked around, seeing if I could spot him. Then a sudden thought came to my mind.

'Wait.. earlier, (Y/N) was going through his bag... he couldn't have.. could he..? Psh, nah. He seems to wimpy to do that. Heh...'

I looked over at (Y/N) again. What if it's true...? What if Neil was right..? No. He wasn't. He can't be. There's no possible way that I, Max, out of all people, would fall for the small, shy new.. kid. Oh god.

'This isn't right, this isn't right. You are just tired, that's all. Just find Mr. Honeynuts and go to sleep.'

I looked around my belongings, checking to see if he had fallen somewhere. No luck.

I sighed, sitting in my bed.

'Let me at least just try...'

I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. I inhaled deeply, focusing on the soothing sounds of crickets chirping, and the wind blowing against the trees gently. It felt relaxing, I was comfortable. After a while, I slowly started to doze off...


I slowly woke up, but I wasn't at camp anymore. I was in a room, it was dark and cramped. I looked around trying to check my surroundings. Then I suddenly hear a loud bang come from outside the room. Immediately, a dark figure barged in. I could barely see their face, since the room was pitch black.

"You... little... shit..."

I knew that voice. A wave of anxiety and fear suddenly rushed over me as I backed away to a corner, the figure stepping closer. He grabbed me by my wrist, and tossed me across the room, a huge wave of pain going through my arm.

"Stand up."

I was trembling, trying to stand. I kept tripping, thanks to my arm which was now in excruciating pain.

"I said stand up, you goddamn good for nothing asshole."

I flinched when he raised his voice. He grabbed me by the neck and lifted me upwards. I squirmed, trying to loosen from his grip, but every time I moved he just kept squeezing tighter. Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

"Don't try to move, boy. You know you are just making things worse for yourself."  The man threatened as he pulled me closer, his breath reeking of alcohol, and his low, scary voice, resonating in my ears.

The man freed me from his grip, letting me fall onto the floor. I tried to stand up as I gasped for air, the man slowly stepping closer to me.

"Pathetic." He growled in disappointment.

He kicked me right in the stomach,  I couldn't breathe. He stepped out of the room and slammed the door shut. My face was basically flooded with tears, as I was desperately gasping for air, holding onto my stomach with one of my hands.


I suddenly sprung up from my bed in a cold sweat, tears still streaming down my face. I looked around, I was at camp again.

"Max!" (Y/N) shouted worriedly, pulling me into a hug.

I hugged back tightly, tears staining (Y/N)'s shirt.

(Y/N)'s POV

Max leaned onto my chest and sobbed. He was trembling.

I comforted him for a bit, whispering on how everything was going to be okay. I don't know what exactly happened, seemed like a horrible nightmare. His sobbing and breathing slowly calmed, still holding tightly onto me. Some minutes passed, his breathing seemed to have calmed down. I looked over at him, he seemed tired.

I placed him on his bed, and stood up.

'I think it's time I gave it back...'

I walked over and retrieved Max's stuffed bear from my bag.  As I approached the now sleeping Max and placed his bear next to him, I immediately saw him shift over and cuddle the bear, spotting a small smile on his lips.

I couldn't help but feel bad, he must be going through some tough shit.

-Time skip-

Soon enough, it became morning. I couldn't get much sleep, since I was up all night comforting Max. I glanced over to him and noticed he was still asleep with the stuffed bear in his arms. He looked happy.

I quietly got up to change, hearing some grumbling coming from the other side of the tent.

"Oh, uh, morning, Max."

"Mnh..." He grumbled and looked around, then yawning.

Max's POV (yup I'm bacc at it again with the pov change)

"Morning.." I grumbled.

'What the... where did you come from..' It took me a while to realize that Mr Honeynuts was out in the open. I quickly hid him under the covers, hoping (Y/N) wouldn't see. What's bothering me more though is, where the fuck did he appear from..? Is Mr Honeynuts secretly magical, or was is just Harrison and his stupid magic tricks?

"Hey, uh, Max..?"


"I'm sorry, uhm..."

"Why would you be sorry..?"


"I may or may not have took your stuffed bear as paybac—"



Oh boy oh boy, this was an... interesting chapter to do. Basically it's just the reason Max doesn't sleep without his beloved stuffed toy. Plus, it was about time i spiced things up a little— Anyways, uh, I'll try to publish stuff more frequently, but rn I'm gonna head to sleep since it's 12 in the morning and I feel dead inside rn— Bai Bai for now!

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