Chapter 28- goodbye

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Jacks POV
Eben wanted to see Zach. I heard everything he said to him. I do believe him now. I'm not sure if I forgive him but I believe that he cares for Zach. I mean, they did grow up with each other.
But I'm still confused about something, he looked back at a corner when he was in there. He smiled and mouthed 'you can do it' at the corner before he left. It was weird. Almost as if he was able to see Zach. I know that Zach is kinda like a ghost wandering around but I didn't know you could see him. Zach has one more hour. He told me he is trying as hard as he can. I believe him but it's not working out. There's 30 minutes left. It's scary.
As I'm sitting in the waiting room I see a 13-14 year old boy walk out with a couple bandages on his arms. He looks at me and walks over.
"Zach said hi and that he loves you" he tells me.
"Huh?" I ask confused.
The boy just smiles at me and walks out with his family.
What does he mean?
Time skip to 10 before they unplug Zach
Still Jacks POV
We are all in Zachs room. I can't believe it, I'm losing him. I'm crying so hard right now along with everyone else in the room. I'm on his left side holding his hand and his moms on the left holding the other hand. Some people are praying and others are crying into each others arms. Reese and Ryan are outside of the room so the don't have to see their brother die. My moms here comforting Myta and Sydnie is comforting me. I wish this wasn't happening
He has 5 more minuets left.

Zach's POV
I'm about to die, I'm going to die. Nonononono, this cant be happening. I don't want to, I can't.
"JACK,  MOM, CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ME!!" I start to yell next to them. There is no response. I start to cry. I see a doctor walk in.
"It's time" he said. 
Everyone walked out of the room except my mom, Jack, My Aunt and Uncle, and Jacks mom.
"Goodbye Zachary, I love you" Jack says sobbing. My mom says sweet things about the past to me.
The doctor comes up to my body. He takes out some of the needle in my arm. Then goes over to the machine keeping me alive. He then pushes a button.



I'm in a dark room. The floor is wet. I can't see anything. I stand up from the dark wet ground and look. I see a light. A beautiful light shaped as a doorway. I start to walk towards it. Hearing nothing but the eco of my footsteps.
Then I hear something. It sounded like Jack.
I turn toward were the sound came from and see another doorway. It's a hospital door. Which way do I go?

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