Untiteled Part 10

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I walked in the gym behind Avani. "Okay everyone meet Jorge, he is new. Today we will teach him the dance, so he can replace Amber. Perhaps he will stay longer in the team." She turned to me with a smile and started to introduce the hole team.

"Oh Jorge, we don't have a uniform for you yet. We have to order boy uniforms first since we only have girl ones.", said Betty with a sorry tone. I felt bad for causing extra problems: "No its okay I can wear a girls one." She nodded happily. 

As soon as I was changed the practice started. First it was uncomfortable but later it was really fun. Skirts are very cozy and easy to do sports in. I saw Noen walking in the gym and watching us, he cheer and applaud occasionally. 

Avani ended the practice and the girls went to chance. I stayed behind with Noen. "You're really good, Jey." I smiled since Banji is the only one that calls me that, well was. My fingers fidget with the end of my skirt: "Thank you Noen. I was nervous because I'm new but I think I did good."

He kindly smiled down at me: "You are really  talented, people will go crazy seeing you." Just when I was about to replay Benji entered the gym. "What took you so long the others already changed?", than he saw Noen standing in front of me. 

He wrapped his arm my waist and pulled me a back. "Hello Noen.", his voice was cold. Noen scratched the back of his head: "Oh it's late I should go. Seeya." 

I looked at Benji confused: "What was that all about?" His hand slowly drove down my stomach: "I don't like him flirting with what is mine." "Noen was flirting? Well that's cool. He's hot", I said teasingly. Playful he bites my neck down. "Don't even thing about it Jey." I laughed softly: "Now let me go change I'm tried and hungry." 

He grabbed my wrist and prevented me from going to the changing rooms. "Please do not change. I really enjoy seeing you in this outfit." "But I'm all sweaty and disgusting." "You are not, come let's go home, beautiful."

Sighing I followed Benji to the car. The hole ride over his hand and was on my inner thigh, while he was softly humming to the radio. 

At home I directly go to our room, to avoid anyone seeing me like this. Benji quickly followed me and closed the door. We made out on the bed. "You know this is our last night in this room. Your new room is finished." he said sadly. "Maybe it's better if you stop talking and we make the most of it", I breathed lightly and pulled his shirt over his head. 

~time skip~

I woke up from Benji's phone ringing. I reached over him to his side and stopped the alarm. A sharp pain run down my back, it wasn't really painful but also nothing enjoyable but bearable. Other than last night. I looked Benji's sleeping face, gosh he's beautiful. This is properly the moment were I fall in love with him.

Even if it's more like a falling deeper and deeper in love with him ever since the moment he took my V-card from me. I decided to do something cute and kiss Benji awake like in the fairy tale. The attend failed and he pushed me away instead. He wasn't awake yet but I still pounded till he was fully awake and pulled me back to kiss me again. 

"Good morning baby, how are you?" he had a light morning breath but I didn't care at all and pulled him back into the kiss. 

Later after school Benji, Javi and my brother helped me bringing all my stuff into my new room. Between my new room and Benji's was still Javi's room. I slightly frowned at the thought of sneaking to Benji and trying not being notice by my brother. It really annoys me to keep our relationship a secret and not being able to share my joy. Also I would really like to yell all this girls to back up from my boyfriend. Especially Addy.

After dinner we all went to our rooms. Benji and I texted, we decided over phone he will sneak in my room later evening, so we can cuddle and sleep. At this moment I really feel like it's impossible to fall asleep without his arms around me.

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