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I had been up in this tree for hours, waiting, watching as the crowd gathered. I'm surprised the guards didn't spot me as they dragged her along on the path below. I had dealt with the man who caused this earlier in the day. His blood stained the dagger on my thigh, the lifeblood long dried and dark.

I heard the words they threw at her, all those hurtful things that should have been directed at the man who violated her trust. But they all blamed the woman, my best friend, the love of my life.

The guard practically shoved her up the stairs to the platform that held the gallows, the rope swaying gently in the breeze. It seemed so innocent, until it was slipped and secured around her neck. I notched an arrow onto the string of my bow and drew back.

I took a breath as the executioner wrapped his hands around the lever. I let go the moment he pulled. The rope grew taunt. Would my arrow make it?

She dropped down. Silence fell.

And the rope snapped. The arrow sank into an onlooker.

She was free.

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