"The little stone that has the shape of a heart"

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Summary : When Demir has a dream, memories come back...

He has always kept it. This little stone he once got when he was a kid. He has always kept it but has never really knew why. Was it because it reminded him of good old times? Or because it was comforting to know it was still with him no matter where he was? Was it because this little stone that had the shape of a heart was one of the only nice memories of his childhood? He never got the answer. Never until that night. 

Like most of the night that day, he went to bed, tired and with this empty feeling that had never left him since his mom abandoned him. And now that Selin and him were barely talking to each other, this feeling was even stronger than ever. After that kiss they shared, Demir felt like all his pain was finally leaving his body. Like he was finally completed and that his chase to find happiness was almost done. In Selin's arms, he was not the sad and cold man that they all thought he was. With her, he had found some peace. But it was over now. She betrayed him and he was not ready to forgive. They were avoiding each other and if it was not easy to do so at work, at home, they were like strangers. No more cute diners together, no more deep talks outside, no more cuddling at night. So, when he was back in his bedroom, after a long day of pain, depressed and lonely, the only thing he could do was looking at this little stone, hidden in a small iron box. 

That night, he fell from exhaustion, the little stone inside his strong hands. 


"Oh no, I just ruined my dress ! Mommy's going to be so mad !" The little girl was crying. She had just fallen in the mud and was covered with dirt. She was trying to clean her delicate yellow dress but there was nothing she could do. And while all of her friends were still playing in the forest, screaming, running, laughing, she was just standing there, alone, looking at the dust. 

From here, Demir could see her long dark braids falling on her small shoulders. When she turned around he crossed her gaze. She had beautiful black almond eyes, and even if she was crying, he could tell that she was a playful little kid. When she approached him, she had already wiped her tears and she gave him a beautiful smile, one that gives you butterflies in your stomach, but maybe it was just the piece of cake he ate at lunch. It tasted weird to be honest. It got worse when the little girl talked to him for the first time. He was fixing her, like he was not able to look anywhere else, and he really really wanted to throw up. He didn't answer, when she called him. twice. 

"Hey, are you deaf or something? Can you hear me?", the little girl was not judging him or making fun of him, she was sincerely concerned about the boy in front of her. 

"I'm... I'm sorry", he said, realizing that she was indeed talking to him. But he was like petrified by this adorable energetic short girl, whose hair looked like ebony and whose eyes had so many stories to share. 

"Did you hurt yourself? When you fell on the floor I mean? I'm sorry for your dress, you still look nice". Oops maybe the last part was too much, he thought when he saw her blushing. 

"No, I'm fine. I fell all the time. Mommy says it's because I don't have a good balance. One day, I fell from the tree we have in our garden. It's a very big tree you know. Mommy doesn't really get mad at me, but she always has to fix my clothes. Oh, and there's this time too, hahaha, I was playing with my good friend, Ibo - he is a boy you know, but he is more like my brother - and he was running after me and I almost broke my nose because I hit myself in a glass door. Daddy said I was lucky because the glass could have broke. Imagine this ! Me breaking a glass door ! Haha, that must be crazy, but I would never do that, oh no, daddy and mommy would be too mad!"

Damn this girl was talking a lot, and very fast. And yet, little Demir couldn't help be stare at her, listening peacefully to what she had to say even if he didn't understand half of what she was saying. "But what are you doing here alone?", she asked.

"I'm with my class, we are on a school trip. Just like you I think"

"Yes ! I'm on a school trip too. All my friends are here, Açelya, Azize, Bilge, Damla... I love school trips, you can see so many new things. What I love the most is being able to listen to the birds outside, in the forest! Do you like listening to the birds too?"

"I don't know... not really... I've never..."

"Hey, but what are you doing there alone ? Where are your friends? Are you lost ? I can call my teacher if you want, we'll get you some help". 

"No, I'm good... I don't really have a lot of friends". Saying this hit Demir so hard. At school, the other boys never wanted to play with him. They were saying he was too boring. But he was not boring, he was just sad and a little bit angry. Before his dad sent him to private school, he had a lot of friends, and a good life. People never said he was boring. 

"Well, I can be your friend if you want me to", said the little girl in front of him, who had already forgotten her dirty yellow dress and was drawing lines in the dust with a stick. 

"But you don't even know me"

"I don't need to know you. You don't have friends and I am here", she answered with the purest smile he had ever seen.

"And what about Açelya, Azize, Bilge?"

"I see them all the time, they can do without me for a few hours". 

Demir and the little girl played together for a long moment. She made him climb trees, she asked him to run after her, they built a small hut if some rabbits wanted to have some rest one day. For the first time in forever, little Demir was happy, genuinely happy, like any other kids. He was not thinking about his mother, or his old life, or his dad. He was just a carefree joyful little boy playing with the purest heart he had ever met in his short life. 

Reality hit him when he heard her teacher calling her. "Girls it's time to go back home ! Azize, Bilge, Selin !"

"Selin?" What a beautiful name, he thought. He promised himself he would never forget this name, and this day. He smiled at her, a shy and sad smile that was telling thank you but also goodbye. He was not sure he would see her ever again. He was not even from this town. All his sadness came back in a minute, like once again, he was being abandoned and alone. 

"It's for you", said little Selin, as if she understood what was going through his mind. In front of him, she opened her tiny hand and gave him a little stone, that had the shape of a heart. "Like that you won't forget me, and maybe one day you'll give it back to me", she told him, her bright smile never leaving her beautiful face. Just before running back to her teacher and friends, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. His first kiss. 

"Wait, I didn't even tell you my name!" He screamed after a few seconds. But it was too late, the little girl in the yellow dress was gone. 


When he woke up that night, the little stone was still in his hand. Selin's little stone that had the shape of a heart. How could he forget the promised he made to himself when he was a little boy. How could he forget the name of that little girl. That little girl who made him happy for a few hours while his whole life was surrounded by pain. And now, this little girl was living with him. The cute girl who gave him this little heart stone that had the shape of a heart to make him feel better was Selin. 

His Selin. 

What if he had never let go of this stone because he knew deep inside, that one day he would give it back to her? What if this stone was the sign that they were made to be together. What if their destiny had already been written in the stars. What if this stone was the beginning of everything... 

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