Kageyama x reader

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Ever since your crush rejected you, you were very tramautized and hated boys.

You thought that every man is the same.

They only judge girls by their looks.

You didn't have any friends who are boys.

You only hangout with girls.

6 months after being rejected.

Turns out what you thought about boys are wrong after you met the one and only, Kageyama Tobio.

He didn't judged you at first.

You were the one scared at him first because of his looks.

Turns out the more both of you become friends, the more both of you liked each other.

Meanwhile, Kageyama at volleyball practice.

Kageyama: "Um... Sugawara senpai."

Sugawara: "yea?"

Kageyama:" I think I'm love sick. I can't focus."

Sugawara:"hmm... you're into someone? Who?"

Kageyama: "she's a first year, she's pretty, kind, sporty and lots. But I'm scared she would reject me because she was tramautized by her past being rejected by her ex crush."

Sugawara: "hmmm... if i were you, I would confront her and tell her my true feelings. You should try that."

Break time
Kageyama came to your class. He grabbed your wrist and dragged outside of the class to go to the gym.

No one was at the gym.


Both of you frozed inside the gym for a while.

Kageyama: "(y/n)-san. I like you. Please go out with me!"

His face was super red.

(Y/n): "Kageyama-san. Uh... I'm sorry. I like you too. But I'm too scared that you will hurt me in the end."

Kageyama was so frustrated.

Kageyama: "what do you mean?! I like you. I won't hurt you. I'm not like him!"

(Y/n) (while crying): "you don't know what it feels like to be hurt by someone you like."

You ran outside of the gym and went back home.

You felt so bad that you couldn't sleep for the whole night.

The next morning

You met Kageyama in front of your class.

You went to said hi to him like nothing happened.

Then he glares at you with his sharp eyes.

Kageyama: "i'm fine by you rejecting me. But if you think we could just be friends, i'm sorry, we can't. But I'll be waiting for you to agree to go out with me."

You nod your head and didn't say anything.

Break time

You were at the canteen.

You saw Kageyama with another girl hitting on him. He looks annoyed though.

That girl.

She hated you ever since you talked to Kageyama.

She saw you and glared at you. Then, she purposedly hugged Kageyama from the back.

You didn't like it.

Suddenly you noticed Kageyama was looking at you.

He didn't want a misunderstanding to happen.

But for no reason, you ran away.

You didn't know why.

You went to the back of the gym crying alone.

Time skip

Kageyama found you at the back of the gym crying.

He was so worried.

Kageyama: "that was a misunderstanding! I don't like her! Please understand."

In the end, you said it was fine and agreed to go out with him.

Now, Kageyama can finally be with girl he loved.


Omg wth was dat


So I got it from a korean drama.

So I'm sorry if it's cringey.

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